Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona

Lake Powell is another fantastic site to see in Arizona/Utah. There is plenty to do: chilling by the beach (which we mastered by the end of the day), fishing, boating, water skiing,  jetskiing and camping. We had to walk down to the lake from an upper rest stop area because the drive gets a little rough closer to the beach....

10 + 1 Things to do in Flagstaff, AZ

I decided to write about Flagstaff, AZ because I do have a little bit of history with the place and also because I got this question a lot in the past: Flagstaff, what could you possibly do there? Now, it is true that most things that you can do in Flag are outdoor activities, the indoor options are pretty limited...

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is my home town...which statement of mine would be argued by some of my "so called" friends, because I don't exactly live in the town, therefore I can't claim that I am as cool as they are...but stepping over this little painful detail of my childhood...I am now going to be bragging about this wonderful place that I...

Chicago, Summer of 2015

Chicago was one of our first city stops at the beginning of this summer when my sister visited from Hungary...Chicago is a must see and we really wanted to make sure that she spends a couple days there with us. Even though we thought 3 days would be a good amount of time to spend in the Windy City, we unfortunately...



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