Save money that you can put towards travel

There always comes a time when I feel like I have to organize my life. That includes cleaning out the computer's desktop, deleting and sorting out my emails and realizing how much unnecessary sites I am getting messages from that cluster my mail box. A couple months ago when I was on a roll organizing I decided to start writing...

Fulbright Program – Research/Study Abroad

Goal: "To increase mutual understanding between people of the U.S. and people of other countries through exchange." The other day I went to listen to a Fulbright Scholarship presentation and it really grabbed my attention. Unfortunately, to apply I would have to be a US citizen, so I am out, but I thought there might be some people out there...

Did you know? The Meaning behind the color of your passport! – Article from

Every passport in the world is said to feature a varying shade of either red, green, black or blue... BY SOO KIM PUBLISHED: 4:15 AM, MARCH 10, 2016 UPDATED: 10:31 AM, MARCH 10, 2016 LONDON — Have you ever wondered why your passport is red, while others are the colours that they are? Okay, probably not. Nevertheless, there is much more to it than you might...

Tourists’ guide to tipping

Eeek...wrong tipping can cause some uncomfortable conversations and can result in looks that burn a hole in the back of your head...especially in foreign countries where you don't know what you are doing...and trust me you don't wanna piss off some crazy Hungarian taxi drivers :) Well...  It is always nice to know what the rules and expectations are in the...



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