The other day I was drinking coffee from a …. PLAIN, white cup. If the people who freaked out about Starbucks cups last Christmas saw me, they would have probably lost it all over again. But let’s not bring that non-sense up. I am here to talk some serious cup art…art cup… something…I am here to talk something.

So again, I was drinking coffee from a plain, “boring” cup and thought to myself: what a beautiful white platform. I think it is time for me to shine. This is probably how graffiti artists feel, except that is on a whole new level plus it is illegal… most of the time.

So I googled some pictures for inspiration because it turns out I have zero vision when it comes to coffee cup art. (Later you will see that my zero vision decided to pair up with zero talent) Those pictures were fascinating. I couldn’t believe how talented some people are… Some. People. Here are my favorite picks:Art Cup Art Cup Art Cup Art Cup

So, I looked at some great art and then I was like: whaaaaaaa?! I can totally do this! You know those times when you just feel soooo capable of anything? Probably the large coffee (explanation: venti sized coffee, just so Starbucks employees can understand too) had something to do with my out of nowhere confidence…

At this point I kind of felt like Jessica: “I can do anything good”

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I saw all these wonderful pictures in my head:

  • I will draw horses riding in the beautiful sun set
  • Nono. I will draw dolphins jumping out of water
  • Uh, even better: I will draw the iconic scene from Free Willy
  • Maybe that’s too much. Hold back. Hold back. I will go with a house, sun, clouds, and people. The classic combo.

So I did.

Art Cup





  1. I loved this – I laughed out loud – something I don’t do that often. I hadn’t seen that video in awhile, so thanks for posting it. BTW – I love your coffee art. I wish I drank coffee, so I’d have a cup to doodle one – but I’m going to google and see what’s out there!

  2. Great idea! Someone could use the DIY coffe cup as a marketing tool to bring in business to their coffee shop. Then when the customer is done with their coffee, they leave their cup to be displayed on a specific shelf for the day! Maybe someplace is already doing it? I laughed when I read about the reminder of the Starbucks affair. That was one of the stupidest things that happened ever. smh

    • Yes, that would be so great! I was thinking that too or maybe just as a day event for socializing and the best drawing could win a free muffin or something. 😀 It is such a cool place, they have board and card games, it could be lots of fun. I would try, even though my chances to win are pretty low as you saw 😀 😀

  3. Haha, örökölhettél volna csak apró tehetséget. Ezt 29 évvel ezelőtt elrontottam. Bocsi, Anya


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