Just before I start getting into the details I would like to say that this tiny jar has became one of the most precious little gifts I have ever received. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. It brings back great memories, looking at it warms my heart but let’s see what is inside of this cute, little jar.

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Two years ago I moved to the Midwest, far away from my friends, family and even farther away from my comfort zone. I never really expected it to be a place that I will ever like and this is not only because of the freezing cold weather but also because sometimes I do not have a SUPER positive outlook on things. Little did I know that I will fall in love with the kind, caring people, will get used to wearing 7 layers outside,  and will cry my eyes out when it is time to leave.

But let’s focus on this adorable jar that is filled with 29 unusual date ideas I got from my friends, and family on my “surprise” bridal shower this May. I am still overwhelmed with all the love I received that day and I am not only talking about the fantastic gifts but the smiles, the hugs, and all the people that came to spend that day with me. And this is how we arrive to this cute little jar. This was one of the presents, which besides its actual purpose of giving date ideas, also became something that represents all the great memories I have made in those two years and reminds me of all the people that I let close to my heart.

29 Cheap and Unusual Date Ideas ♥

  1. make a “travel money” jar

  2. go to the airport and watch the planes go in & out…dream and guess where they go

  3. rent a kayak/canoe

  4. volunteer for a good cause

  5. play a board game ( We love Sequence)

  6. go for a hike, bring picnic

  7. memorize Pi (a lifetime challenge since there are infinite digits)

  8. naked hoola-hoop (hahahaha whaaaat?)

  9. discover a new restaurant

  10. find a free concert

  11. go to the zoo

  12. bake and cook together

  13. go to the lake and skip stones (why am I so bad at this??????)

  14. watch a Nicholas Sparks movie and cry (might have to tie your man to a chair)

  15. take dance lessons

  16. plant a garden together and design a sign for it (so cute)

  17. read to each other

  18. bike to the botanical gardens

  19. couples work-out

  20. play Skip Bo

  21. play tennis then get dinner out

  22. wine taste

  23. go skinny dipping in a lake (muahaha might as well take the hoola-hoop with you)

  24. day trip to the city

  25. sunset hike + beer

  26. get tattoos

  27. bury a treasure

  28. picnic on a beach at sunset (love love love)

  29. sample every ice-cream shop in the city

So these are the ideas, we definitely love them and are working on doing every single one on the list…not sure about the naked hoola-hoop yet 😀

Aaaaaaand the jar -being so cute- is also a perfect decoration item in the living room!

Questions for you:

  1. Valentine’s Day is coming up, do you have any plans?

  2. Which is your favorite date idea?

  3. Do you have any fun ideas for a date night?


  1. Oh my gosh these are so amazing and some of them are hilarious like the hoola-hoop. I love the idea of having a jar and then just pick a stick. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas!

    • Hahaha, I know…the hoola-hoop. 😀 😀 I am happy you liked them. I thought it was a very cute idea too and always very fun to pick. I am super scared to pick the hoola-hoop one day tho 😀

  2. We like to fix plates full of cracker, cheeses and deli meats – oh and some fresh veggies too and then have a picnic in our living room while watching a movie. Don’t forget the bottle of wine!

  3. Dance lessons is on my date night bucket list! Going to have to try to convince my hubby to do that one haha! Great list!


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