Magical September

Hi Everyone, 

It is time for my monthly appreciation post! 

photo cred.: Love This Pic

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September was filled with unpacking, getting to know our new environment, and visiting my family back home in Hungary.

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I was also embracing the cooler air, the trees changing colors and was loving the idea of fall…I mean, I was drinking lots of pumpkin spice lattes. 


Sept. 1: Played tennis and Echo jumped in to play doubles and we grabbed Ice Cream after. He can hold the racquet so well. 😉

12 Magical Summer Moments

Sept. 3: We finished cleaning, unpacking, and organizing our bed room! It turned out pretty awesome!

Sept. 4: We made some amazing coasters, check them out here!

Sept. 5: First time ever, I went to check out Orange Theory and had an awesome work out, but the crazy thing was that I did not get as tired as I thought I would. But then it hit me: We moved from almost 7,000 feet elevation to l sea level. I was feeling like wonder woman! I never in my entire life ever was such a good runner. It was an amazing experience. 😀

Sept. 7: I tried a new gym! They were awesome, they gave me 7 days of free try out. I took two cardio classes and ran for 35 minutes this day and felt great. I am serious, coming down from elevation felt great!

Sept. 12: Beach walk and sand castle!

Sept. 15: Had a cup of coffee and was reading Bella Grace. A peaceful, quiet moment.

Sept. 20: ‘Traveling through New York’ experience, check it out here!

Sept. 21: Get to hug my mom, dad, and sister in Hungary.

Sept. 22 – Sept. 30: Spending family time and hanging out with friends <3


What were your September moments that you appreciate?



  1. Csodás szeptember volt, mert itthon voltál velünk! Elgondolkodtató és szívet melengető előadást tartottál arról, hogy milyen az élet a komfortzónán kívül. Mindezt élőben láthattuk és a részesei lehettünk.
    Még sok ilyen hónapot kívánunk magunknak!


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