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I lived in Arizona for almost eight years now. Sadly, this era is coming to an end soon so we are trying to go around and see as much as possible before we take off. But with the end of this chapter of our lives, something new and exciting is starting up, but more about that later.

When I moved to Northern Arizona from Hungary, I did not expect too much. People usually have a general idea of Arizona being a giant desert with lots of cacti and unbearable heat. Well, that is the partial truth but there is so much more Arizona can offer: canyons, creeks, mountains, pine trees, lakes, waterfalls, and snow.  There are many wonderful sites to see in this beautiful state and I collected my favorite ones that you should see when you visit. Not all of them are free, but I picked affordable ones. 


Price: vehicle permit: $30; individual permit: $15
Hiking Level: just to look around from the rim (no hiking) is very easy. Going down into the canyon can be a difficult hike and usually requires 2 days with a permit. If you decide to do the rim to rim hike: it is REALLY HARD. But apparently there are people who run rim to rim to rim in one day. Thank you, but no thank you! πŸ˜€
WebsiteNational Park Service – Grand Canyon


Price: FREE!
Hiking Level: easy to moderate, about 1 mile
Popularity: High but luckily there is lots of room at the look out. Parking can get tricky, meaning you have to walk a little longer
WebsiteWanna check out Horseshoe Bend from the air? 


Price: Lower Canyon $25/person (with Ken’s tours). Upper Canyon (more options and varying prices), we have never seen the Upper Canyon but it is the more popular one.
Hiking Level: Easy
Popularity: High, make sure to call ahead
Website: Check out Ken’s Tours’ website for more information.


Price: Free!!!!
Hiking Level: easy to medium; 5.8 miles from the first parking lot. You can only use the second parking lot if you have a car that can handle off-road driving.
Parking: As the day goes on, it gets more complicated
Popularity: high


Price: $25/car
Hiking level: easy
Popularity: High but you don’t need to fight for spots, there is room for everyone


Price: $10/car
Hiking level: easy
Popularity: HIGH!! Make sure to get a permit and print it out before you get on the road
Parking: complicated. There are several parking spots, some of them are far from the trail though. To get a good spot, get a permit in advance.


Price: Free!
Hiking Level: easy
Popularity: low!


Price: Free!
Population: 65, 870 in 2017 according to suburban stats .
Elevation: 6,909′
Fours seasons, trails to hike, plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, wonderful downtown and home to beautiful Northern Arizona University

Okay. This is it for now, I will keep updating the list as we discover more and more in the next couple months! <3 

Don’t forget to comment below πŸ˜‰ 

  1. Have you ever been to any of these?
  2. Which one would you like to see the most?
  3. What else do you think I should add to the list?

                                                                                        **all pictures are mine**


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