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Hi there, hello,  I can't believe it is the end of the year already. This year (too) just flew by. I usually get very sad towards the end of the year. I look back and think: "Oh wow, I still don't have a private jet and I still don't run my own country even though another year passed by" not...

Make Your Own Reverse Bucket List

Hello Everyone,  I can't believe it is almost December. Time flies! My appreciation posts have became my absolute favorites lately because they truly give me a chance to stop for a second...

Thanksgiving Road Trip To Boston

Hi Everyone,  Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We had a very relaxing, laid back, unusual Thanksgiving celebration. It was inspired by last year's California Thanksgiving Roadtrip . On Thursday we slept...
Power Outage, Cape Cod & November Challenge

Power Outage, Cape Cod & November Challenge

Hi Everyone,  Last week Monday we woke up to no water, no power, no heat in the house. First we thought it was just our place but soon we realized that most...
October appreciation

Magical October – Appreciating The Little Joys In Life

Hi Everyone,  It is October Appreciation time! October has been an eventful month! There have been many heartbreaking things going on in the world that I will never be able to wrap...
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