December Appreciation And Some Favorite Moments


Yay, it is time for December appreciation. I love reflecting on previous months, love going through my pictures and remembering all the great memories we had. Even if it is something small, like watching TV while being all cozied up on the couch, under 28 layers of blankets and having some candles flickering in the background. 

But without further ado (I never in my entire life said this before) let’s see some favorite moments from December:

Christmas Tree

We got a Christmas Tree and even though this is our second Christmas Tree, our first one was about 10 inches tall and was standing on a piece of play-dough kind of thing. (Great sentence me!) We unfortunately lost during our move so we decided to upgrade. The second one is still just a little guy, but it is much more Christmas Tree looking and we got to add ornaments and put presents under it. It felt more real! It is a lovely little tree that I am thinking about keeping up the whole year because it gives such a nice light and feel to the living room. Would that be bad? :/


When we moved into our apartment in August, our downstairs neighbors had an extra table that they didn’t want to keep and asked if we wanted it. We lived in Arizona for 2.5 years without a table and even though during the move we got one from Ben’s mom, we felt that saying no to a free table after not having one for so long would be a reckless move. So we said yes and then we were like: Okay, but what do we do with it now? Since every once in a while I feel super crafty and artsy, we made it into a craft table. (I don’t know why I shared this story, it is so unrelated to the point …) So in the beginning of December my mom sent me a picture of a wood wreath that was decorated and she encouraged me to give it a try and make it into a Christmas wreath. I got a glue gun, spray paint, some wooden stars and all kinds of pearls in Hobby Lobby. I had so much fun making it!

December Appreciation
The picture my mom sent me

December Appreciation 


For Christmas we decided that we won’t buy any presents for each other with Ben and we will spend the money on a couch. We went to IKEA (we live on the 3rd floor and we can only move things into the house through the window so we had to get a couch that is in small enough pieces to fit through. We can not be too picky at this point…and I am from Europe so excuse me when I say: I LOVE IKEA) and found a couch on sale for less then $200. Now our living room is really starting to look like a living room. Incredible how much having a couch can change.

December Appreciation
moving day
December Appreciation
we had the dining table in here for a while
December Appreciation

The white coffee table was $24.99 and the couch was on sale for $155.

Present Making

We went over to my brother in law’s place one night to make some presents. His friend came up with an awesome idea to make “Redacted poems”. He got two copies of Lord of The Rings, we ripped some pages out and darkened most words while creating a new poem out of the words we left visible. We had a blast making them! 

Lemon Tartlet with Swiss Meringue

Made by the amazing Sweets by Kevin. It was heaven! Please head over to his Instagram page and check out his amazing creations! He is a self-taught baker with some unbelievable amount of talent. You can also see a better picture of this tartlet on his Instagram 😀

December Appreciation

Edit’s visit

My friend came up for 2.5 weeks to spend Christmas with us. She is one of my oldest friends, we played tennis together back in Hungary and we were doubles partners in college but then life happened and we went our separate ways. She now lives in Louisiana so I don’t get to see her enough. It was lovely that she spent the Holidays with us.

December Appreciation

The Crown

We loved binge watching the crown. It did not disappoint. I will miss these actresses and actors though in the third season. 

Beach Walk

December AppreciationDecember Appreciation

Doughnut Cooking Class – Professor Chef 

Edit’s Christmas present to me was that she took me to a doughnut making class. I had no idea what were we doing until we went into the house. Even at that point I was a little confused…didn’t understand why were we entering a strange family’s kitchen. It was a couple doing the classes/lessons out of their home. They were awesome! There was a total of six of us as students, we sat around their kitchen island and made doughnuts and ate them and made more and we ate those as well, plus we took the leftovers home. Unfortunately by the time we got to the bacon, maple syrup one I was so stuffed that I could only take one bite of it. I never thought I could hit that point where I say no thank you to a doughnut. Now of course I am craving it as I am looking at the photos. Dang. I also met an amazing mom, check out her Instagram page!

December Appreciation December Appreciation

Spending Time With Family -Christmas trip to Rockford/Milwaukee

Christmas is my favorite holiday because it means I get to see people that I don’t get to see any other time. I love spending these days with family and friends, catching up on stories and eating lots of cookies! For the holidays we drove to Chicago area which took us about 18 hours. We carpooled with 2 cars and there were five of us so it was easy to switch up drivers. I had such an amazing time! On the 27th I drove up to Milwaukee but unfortunately I only got to spend a late afternoon and a night there. I only lived in Milwaukee for two years, but I consider it home and I truly have some of my most fantastic memories from there. It always warms my heart to hang out there and see the people that made these two years memorable. 

December Appreciation December Appreciation December Appreciation

It was so cold on the morning of the 24th (end every other morning too) that we dresses up Echo and sent him out to take care of his morning business . And then we followed his journey from inside the house with binoculars to make sure he doesn’t get in any trouble 😀 (You can see us creeping on him on the 3rd picture)

Baileys’ in the morning coffee

Wait, what? My brother in law introduced me to the dark side and told me about this little trick that made Christmas mornings even better. This is strictly a during-Christmas-time-thing so don’t get any other ideas people! 🙂

December Appreciation


We went go-karting. It was the first time I have ever sat in a tiny go-kart. I am not gonna lie the speed and the sharp turns freaked me out a little bit but I am so glad Ben and Edit forced me to do it 😀 It was fun to try out and do something I have never done before. It is an understatement to say that I sucked at it but hey…I tried.

December Appreciation


Year Compass 

Even though we did this in January, I will put this in this post. Year Compass is a booklet that helps you reflect on your year and motivates you to set up goals for the next one ahead. My friend told me about the idea and we loved it so much that my husband, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend ended up filling out their own. Check out their website, this is an amazing idea, you can still do it. It is available in both English and Hungarian!

December Appreciaation



Patriots Stadium and Museum of Science, Boston

It was so fun to go and see the Gillette Stadium. It was game day too so all the fans were out and the whole atmosphere was just fantastic. We walked around for a little bit, Edit got a jersey,we took some pictures and then sprinted back to the car. It was FREEZING. All my respect to the fans who stayed there for the entire time of the game and of course, the players.

December Appreciation

December Appreciation

December Appreciation

December AppreciationDecember Appreciation 

The Museum of Science was soooo fun! We only had 2.5 hours to spend there before they closed but we could have easily take an entire day. Can’t wait to go back one day. 

Apparently I burn 86 calories per mile which is the equivalent of 24 grapes haha We had to walk in front of a camera to get it measured and the computer calculated it in like 20 seconds. 

What were some of your favorite moments in December?

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