Magical May – Appreciating The Little Joys in Life


Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all having a fantastic summer. I have been slacking a bit with the monthly updates so here is our recap from May. This summer has been incredibly hot here in Arizona, we have been braking heat records left and right. But overall May was one of the bests ever, filled with amazing memories, fun trips, new challenges and lovely times with friends.

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Let’s start at the beginning… 

My friend got me hooked on journaling. It is so relaxing and fun! I got some colored pens and looked up some ideas on Pinterest. I love sitting down with a cup of coffee and drawing: brings back childhood memories when I could spend hours just coloring.

Two years ago I dedicated a mason jar to happy memories and named it Happy Jar. Every night, I sat down and thought of something good that happened that day. It didn’t have to be anything big! It could be a nice conversation with someone, having a good laugh, or just a nice, warm cup of coffee that made my morning that day. A year later I had 365 positive little memories “trapped” in my jar. It was nice to read them back and realize how many good things happened that I unfortunately forgot about. It made me realize that I sometimes don’t appreciate the small things and spend way too much time worrying and focusing on the negatives. So in May I draw a Little Jar of Happiness in my journal and every day, I wrote down something that I appreciated. 

There were days when all I wrote down was: 

May 9th: Woke up to rain

May 13th: Cooking dinner together 

May 22nd: Reading together on the balcony

May 24th: I tried out a new workout place in town, called Barre3. And they kicked my butt. I loved/hated it and couldn’t walk for days but it was SOOO GOOOOOD! I highly recommend it!

May 29th: Swimming in a cold pool after a hot day at work

Looking back, even now, these memories make me smile. Hilarious, that on May 12th, I wrote down: cleaning and doing laundry! haha But honestly, I absolutely love cleaning! I can’t function if the house is messy (raise your hand if you thought: Okay, you can come over to my house and clean here too then 😀 I wonder how many people I called out on that one haha) 

It also looks like that May was filled with day trips that we took in Arizona to check out some awesome new areas. 

May 17th: Fossil Creek trip! You can check it out here 🙂

May 20th: Devil’s Bridge Hike in Sedona! It was such a beautiful and easy hike! Loved it! Video and details about the area here!!!!

May 31st: Clear Creek Stand Up Paddle Board trip and Echo’s first paddle boarding experience 😀 See the video here 🙂

I love the concept of going back and seeing how many great memories we created each month. Even if they are just something small, like making dinner together. 

What is one memory that you cherish from this summer? Do you think creating a Happy Jar could be fun?





  1. Nekünk egy igazi üvegünk van, kis összehajtott papírokra írjuk a jó dolgokat (Te ötleted volt, mi megvalósítottuk.) Nagyon motiváló és mosolyogtató, amikor kinyitom. Ha valami nem úgy sikerül a napban, ahogyan elterveztem, és szomorú leszek, akkor csak belenyúlok az üvegbe és találomra kiveszek egy kis darab papírt és elolvasom.
    Tegnap ezt olvastam: Ma elszakadt a szandálom, mert megbicsaklott a lában. Boldogság, mert mindez a ház kapujában történt.
    Jó kedvem lett tőle.

    • Nagyon orulok, hogy bevalt!!! En is imadom visszaolvasni, hogy mik tortentek 🙂 es hahaha Boldogsag, mert a haz kapujaban tortent es boldogsag, mert nem tort el a bokad 😀


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