Magical October – Appreciating The Little Joys In Life

October appreciation

Hi Everyone, 

It is October Appreciation time! October has been an eventful month! There have been many heartbreaking things going on in the world that I will never be able to wrap my mind around. While I wrote down things I am thankful for this month, I couldn’t help but think about all the families that are going through so much pain and my heart goes out to all of them!

Magical October – Appreciating The Little Joys In Life


I only realized it when I was writing this recap, but this October I had a lot of “firsts”. This is why I love these appreciation posts because they make me go back and realize how many awesome things happened in the past month. They make me appreciate the little moments.

I spent the first half of October in Hungary, with my family. It was very hard for me at the end of the summer to be so far away from them. There were so many changes in our personal lives in the past couple of months and I think it had a lot to do with my homesickness [ RELATED: 5 + 1 Lessons We Learned From Moving Across The Country

I made the decision to move to the United States and I do not regret it but sometimes I feel like I am trapped between two worlds. Half of my heart is in Hungary and the other half is in the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I have a wonderful family and amazing friends in America. I don’t know how I got so lucky with all the support that comes from all of them. But sometimes when I am in the USA, I miss Hungary and when I am in Hungary, I miss America. It is a strange feeling. I think most people who live in a foreign country far away from home feel the same way sometimes… but enough of the deep thoughts,

Let’s dive into what I am thankful for and what I loved about October

1) I got to spend some time with my family and friends in Hungary

Unfortunately, didn’t take pictures with all of them and didn’t get to see everybody 🙁

I met up with my childhood friend and she was like: Oh, I got you something and she pulled out a jar of Nutella from her bag 😀 😀 She knows me too well. <3 

October Appreciation

2)I had my first public presentation ever about moving to America and I got to meet so many amazing people. Plus it felt so good to accomplish something that was out of my comfort zoneRELATED: I Got Pushed Out Of My Comfort Zone ]. I know it was not perfect and I made mistakes but it was a start and I am very happy I did it. 

3)Morning coffee with this view

October appreciation

4)For the first time ever, I went to an online marketing presentation by Online Katapult which was amazing! I learned a lot and it gave me so many new ideas for the blog! 

October Appreciation

5)I went to a Stand Up Comedy night with my sister. We have been planning to do this for the past 10 years! Can’t believe it finally happened!! We loved it so much and had a great time! I was not supposed to take pictures during the show so here is a BEFORE picture of our table. Just as exciting, isn’t it? (I couldn’t risk getting kicked out after trying to make it there for so long 😀 )

October Appreciation

6)I found out that my favorite magazine, Bella Grace, put one of my pictures into their latest issue. I understand it is not that big of a deal but I was over the moon 😀 This was a first too!

7)I felt thankful for making it back to the States safe and sound. I also had a quick little stop in New York City which is always cool to see!

8)Got to hug my husband and Echo after getting home and we went on a “fall picture taking” trip/walk. The colors took our breaths away, this might be the most beautiful fall I have ever experienced. [RELATED: There is so much to love about fall].



9)In Hungary we celebrate name days. My name day is on October 21st. Ben got me some Eros Pista (“Strong Steve”) from Amazon which is the most amazing paprika spice from Hungary…it’s a bit hot. You can spice meat with it, add it to your rice or sandwiches. It is the BEST. I sometimes just eat it by the spoon 😀 It is ‘lecious. 

October Appreciation

10)We took a daily trip to Mystic, CT. The weather was beautiful. We shared some name day desserts and sat by the bay and talked for a long time.

Fall October Appreciation

11)Ben’s Mom came into town and we made a shelf for our fire place. It was a fun little project and felt so good to complete it haha I think I am ready to build a house now! 😀

12) We went to see Ben’s brother and his friends perform in the ballet. It was my first ballet ever and I absolutely loved it! Knowing the performers, hearing about their preparation and hard work and then seeing the whole thing come together and happen on stage just made it really magical. I don’t have a picture of this unfortunately, but it was definitely one of the highlights of this month. 

13) We organized a 30 Day November challenge (#challengenovember30) and we ended up having 47 people in the group which is amazing!!! I will be doing yoga for 30 days so I got a yoga mat which is also my first yoga mat ever!

October Appreciation

14) Got to visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame, for also the first time ever.

October Appreciation

15) We lost power and water at our place Sunday night and it didn’t come back until Thursday morning. Luckily Ben’s brother and his roommate let us stay at their place and saved our butts from getting hypothermia. 😀 

16) Binge watching Stranger Things 2!!! Who else did this?? Wasn’t it amazing?! 

October Appreciation

So, this was October.

What are some of your highlights from this month?

Take care!


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