February 22, 2018
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  Happy Friday Everyone! I wrote about taking some time away from technology before and explained how much it helped me relax and gather my thoughts. I believe it is important to do a technology cleanse once in a while. It has done nothing but made me feel great every time I did it.  A cleanse doesn't mean you have to put...
I sometimes find myself stressing over things in life that I can't fully control at the moment. The scary future and the overwhelming feeling of what am I gonna do in life, where will I end up, how often will I see my family. This can put me in a pretty bad groove once in a while but I...
Hi Everyone! We are headed to Sedona (A magical little town in Arizona! You can see the gorgeous scenery and read more about one of our previous trips here) to watch over my friend's house and dogs while she is on a road trip. She doesn't have Internet at her house and we could only find phone reception in certain areas...



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