And that is how you celebrate


Day 1 at the Rio Olympics and Hungary is doing some serious ass kicking. I am so proud of my little home country! It warms my heart to see these amazing athletes put their hearts out there and make their dreams come true…



Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the live feed due to some horrid internet connection and my computer’s misunderstanding on how to computer.

But yes computer, you do have FlashPlayer…remember, I installed it at least 7 times in 10 minutes! What else do you want from meeeeee? (Please don’t get mad, I love you!)

Emese Szasz – Fencing
Katinka Hosszu – Swimming -400 meter individual medley  and ohm…world record


Besides the fact that I am extremely excited, happy and proud of these wonderful ladies, I also would like to share the video of how Katinka Hosszu’s husband/coach celebrated her win and world record.

That feed literally made me cry in the middle of a coffee shop. I was listening to live music and facing the band at my second row table, whose members were discretely staring at me with an awkward smile while singing shalalala… as of course…tears were streaming down my face. They probably thought I just loved their music way too much, which was not bad but there was something better on my computer’s screen: Shane Tusup’s reaction on his wife’s unbelievable results.

That celebration is just plain gold. It is as gold as the medal that is hanging around her neck. The best thing I have ever seen. It is love. It is passion. It is a coach and a husband being as proud as a human being possibly can. Relationship goals!!!..and ohm…swimming goals? Yes? No? Yea, no.

Here is a random taught: The other day I switched a light-bulb in the kitchen. But that is not just an ordinary light-bulb in an ordinary light. I felt like a ninja, hanging in the air, defeating gravity. While standing on the counter with one foot, other foot in the air, one hand holding on to the ceiling/fridge/air, other is working on the righty tighty (for some reason this sounds very dirty) and after not dying in the process I felt like celebrating just like Shane Tusup. I totally would have deserved it  That is gonna be my new thing.

This blog barely has a beginning, a middle or an end, but I am just soooo super stoked about these wonderful results that I guess I don’t mind.


  1. Nem tudtam megnézni a videót, mert erre a régióra le van tiltva, így nem lehet megnyitni. Szomorú vagyok.


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