Flagstaff Art Walk


Art Walk in Flagstaff happens every first Friday of the month. It is always a very exciting event, done all year around, but for sure more popular during the warmer months. All the art galleries, local artists and businesses welcome the crowds with open doors, big smiles, cookies, lemonade, and wine from 6-9pm. There is live music, other performances and lots of people on the streets! Downtown is just blooming during art walk, which I love oh so much!


The first Friday of May turned out to be a very good day for art walk. The weather was terrible the day before, the day after but somehow Friday was perfect.


I lost all my photos, but luckily my friend Stephanie was on top of things and took some gorgeous photos and let me use them!

We met up with some other friends at Heritage Square and kind of just started strolling down the streets. The sun was setting while Stephanie and I were waiting so we took the opportunity to take some great shots with the light shining through the buildings and stretching people’s shadows onto the streets.


There was a vintage customs store we passed by that had a lady standing in the windows all dressed up, holding a flower. Of course, we all thought that she was a mannequin, not in a million years would have guessed that that is a living person, except when she moved and scared the heck out of all of us 😀 She invited us in because they were handing out flowers to all the moms in respect of the upcoming mother’s day! What a cute idea…giving all the moms and their friends a heart attack before handing them a piece of flower 😀 Just kidding, they were amazing and all my respect to the lady in the window, she did an amazing job.


We passed by Hotel Monte Vista, the famous haunted hotel in the heart of Downtown Flagstaff that was build in 1926. This is such a unique and popular sight of Flag, we had to take a photo of it.


You can see the Weatherford Hotel on the far left, where they drop the pine cone down on New Year’s Eve which is another remarkable attraction of Flagstaff.


The sun went down and as all the lights lit up on the streets, suddenly Flagstaff streets, allies and the square looked so magical.




Art Walk was ton of fun, it is always nice to meet up with friends and create some fun memories!


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