Hello Everyone!

Now that August is over, it is time for my monthly appreciation post! I will try to do one for each month from now on. (I was slacking on my June and July one and now I regret it) August was a hectic little month for us but in the midst of all the craziness there was so much to be thankful for.

I mentioned this in my May Appreciation post that I am practicing a more mindful and positive outlook on things. I realized that sometimes I lose sight of the positive and only focus on the worry-some, ugly details. So I grabbed a jar last year and dedicated it to only happy thoughts. I collected 365 happy thoughts throughout the year. Some of these were minor things, like having a great conversation with someone, reading my favorite magazine in the morning, or walking our dog, Echo, to the park. 

Some of The Highlights from August

August 10 : Last Day at work in Arizona. Even though this was very sad, I have to appreciate that I got a chance to work at such a beautiful place and that the people I worked with were amazing. I truly had the best boss and co-workers and that just made my entire summer a memory I will always cherish. 

August 10: Ben’s mom came to help us with the move. I can’t even explain how big of a help she was.

August 12: We had a goodbye summer bowling night and it was a blast! 

August 14: We left Arizona. There was nothing happy about that but the mountain was gorgeous on our way out! We spent the night of the 14th with family and had such a great time talking and catching up. 

August 15: We took this day nice and slow and spent this day with family too. These two visits truly made the trip special. For dessert on this day we had a home made Nutella mousse and I. WAS. IN. HEAVEN. I so appreciate family and friends who support my Nutella addiction. Thank you Lori! You can check Lori’s blog out at Outside of Ordinary. This dessert was definitely Outside of Ordinary. 

August 18: We made it to the East Coast and arrived at our place!

August 19 & 20: We are new to the East Coast but Ben’s brother lives here. It is so nice to finally get to spend some time together. We also met his boyfriend and his family! Lots of sweet and awesome people to be thankful for!

August 21: We got a new rug and Echo LOVED it! Still does.

August 27: Family time at the beach. I will let the pictures talk here. 

August 29: Seeing some fall colors on our walk in the forest. 

August 31: Laundromat! I was so lazy to go and it turned out to be a hilarious experience. The ladies were busting out Backstreet Boys songs and I got to spend some time with work while sipping on some hot latte. YAAS!

These were some highlights from my August. It has been a month of some big changes. Can’t wait to see what September brings!

What are three awesome things that happened to you in August?



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