First of all, thank you so much Gemma from Little Miss Gem Travels for nominating me for this award. I am so honored and happy to know that there are other people who enjoy reading my posts! <3 Please, make sure to check out Gemma’s wonderful blog at Little Miss Gem Travels!

The Liebster Award just like Gemma said helps to recognize bloggers by fellow bloggers and it is also an amazing way to be part of the blogging community!

I received a couple questions from Gemma and after answering them, I will come up with some new questions for my nominees and will pass the tradition down 🙂

Let’s get to know each other!

Questions and Answers

  1. What is your blog’s name and how did you choose it?My blog’s name is My Red Travel Shoe and I choose it because I have a pair of red converse shoes that I love to wear when I travel. Also it reminded me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers (well, the red color did). Even tho I love to travel, I also love to go home and be with family after traveling. “Click your heels together three times and say ‘There’s no place like home’ and you’ll be there.”
  2. How do you combat writer’s block?Oh, that is a tough one. But there are three things that usually help me:a. I write up 8-10 titles in advance (whenever I am in the groove) and that usually lasts me for about 4 weeks. Under the titles I write some major points that I would like to talk about in the future and that helps me get my mind going.
    b. Whenever I can’t get the right sentences I just write them down anyways and just go back and adjust
    c. Walking! haha It helps me clear my mind. I love taking Echo (my puppy) for a walk and just take my mind off of things. Usually when I get home after the walk, it is easier for me to start writing.
  3. How much time do you spend planning blog posts and other social media posts? With writing up the post, uploading and editing the photos, posting it everywhere, one post usually takes me about 6-8 hours.
  4. Who is your favourite travel blogger and why?I love reading The Everywhereist. She is so inappropriate, hilarious and never sugar coats anything. She says it as it is which is pretty refreshing nowadays.
  5. What is the best piece of travel advice you have received?Don’t stress and laugh at yourself. Things will go wrong sometimes but if you stress out, it will ruin your time. This is by far the best advise I have ever gotten. This summer when we travelled to Sweden, everything that could have went wrong, went wrong. Things just kept happening after each other and at some point we weren’t even allowed onto our plane to Europe. We have planned that trip for months and flew from the west coast to the east coast where we got stopped. (You can read about the trip here) . Eventually everything worked out but I believe it was because we didn’t freak out, didn’t start yelling at each other. We sat down and calmly discussed what is the next step we have to take to be able to travel to Europe.
  6. Do you like to plan destinations and activities or do you like to be more spontaneous? I love spontaneous trips when they are domestic. When we travel internationally I prefer to plan.
  7. When you hear the word travel, what one word pops into your imagination? Adventure!
  8. Do you prefer to travel solo, with friends, or with family? I prefer to travel with family and/or friends. Traveling solo can be fun too and there is so many great things to it but if I have to chose I would say traveling with others makes me more happy as we can share all the fantastic sights and memories.
  9. What is your earliest travel memory? When I was about 10 years old, my grandparents started taking me to tennis tournaments around the country. It was such a fun time to go and discover my own country with them. I think that is a big part of it why I like traveling so much.
  10. To any new and inexperienced travellers, where would you recommend as an ideal destination? For new and inexperienced travelers I would recommend to start out small.  Maybe travel inside of your country or if you go international, make sure you are not going by yourself and plan everything out. Make sure you have the contact information for your embassy and you know where to find it no matter what. Also have your Contact information with family and make sure you share your itinerary with them so they know where you are supposed to be and at what times.
  11. Where is next on your travel wish-list? Budapest, Hungary 😉

My Nominations

  1. Outside of Ordinary  Lori’s stories are incredibly engaging and humorous. She is full of joy and happiness and a wonderful person in general. She is the creator of Outside of Ordinary, a blog about life, dealing with unexpected situations, and how to never lose faith.
  2. Hot Eats and Cool Reads  – Sheena shares so many delicious recipes here, if you are looking for inspiration, I can highly recommend it!
  3. The Aquired Sass – I found Jess’s blog through a blog we both read, Simply Taralynn. I think she wrote about her trip to Venice and I was about to go to Venice this summer so I started reading her blog. She writes about travels, lifestyle…and she runs a lot!!! 🙂
  4. Kelsey Lindell – A fantastic young lady, who was born with a disability but is the most hardworking and determined human being. She loves life, has a beautiful and contagious smile and OH, a yoga sculpt teacher.
  5. Chloe from the woods – A Hungarian fashion blogger. I am not that into fashion but I really enjoy looking at her site. She takes gorgeous pictures!

And My Questions to My Nominees

  1. What is your blog’s name and why did you name it like that?
  2. What is your favorite quote?
  3. What are the top 5 things on your bucket list?
  4. If you could visit one place right now, where would it be?
  5. What is the title of the book you are reading right now?
  6. What is that on blog that you always go back to?
  7. What do you love the most about Christmas?
  8. Who is your role model? Why?
  9. Where is your favorite getaway spot?
  10. What was the last picture you took with your phone?

The Rules

  1. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
  2. Create a post on your blog, displaying the Liebster Award Logo
  3. Answer the questions assigned by the blogger who nominated you
  4. Provide rules/instructions for accepting the award
  5. Nominate 5-11 new favourite bloggers for the Liebster Award
  6. Come up with a list of new questions for your nominees
  7. Notify the nominees
  8. Post your Liebster Award blog post link in the comments of your nominators Liebster Award Post



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