Power Outage, Cape Cod & November Challenge

Power Outage, Cape Cod & November Challenge

Hi Everyone, 

Last week Monday we woke up to no water, no power, no heat in the house. First we thought it was just our place but soon we realized that most cities in the southern part of the state (and some on the north part) ended up having the same issue after Sunday’s storm. 

We ended up being without power until Thursday morning. Luckily my brother-in-law and his roommate let us spend the night at their place but during the day we came back home.

Also in the mean time, the November challenge started and since I was the one who came up with the idea, I couldn’t be the one who skipped the first two days. [RELATED: November Challenge Accepted] The coat was a little limiting doing yoga but to be honest, my inflexibility is way more limiting so I can’t really blame it on the coat.

While Ben was in school and Echo was hanging out at home, I went to coffee shops and libraries to work and use their wifi. It was pretty funny because all of these places were packed with people who lost their power. Everyone was talking to each other, guessing when the power would come back, sharing stories, it was pretty cool. We all shared tables and worked together. I also found a coffee shop where they sold turkey-cranberry sandwiches..I think I’ll be back there soon. 

Thursday, when the power came back, was the warmest day. Echo and I went outside to play around a little, enjoy the warmth and soak up some sun. 

This is irrelevant but my left shoe is darker than the right 😀 Also, I received a “kind” comment the other day from someone that not wearing a red shoe in my posts are kind of misleading and I should get red boots…No.

On Friday we headed out to visit Ben’s mom. We use a seatbelt for Echo when we are in the car. We didn’t use to do this but a couple months ago we went hiking and he ran into a lake. When we got in the car I attached him to the seatbelt because I didn’t want him roam around and get everything wet. That was the very first time ever when he used a seat belt and on the way home we got rear ended. I still get chills thinking how lucky it is that he was wearing a seat belt.

For some reason I never really thought about making him wear a seatbelt before. I know I am not the only one. There are many times when I see dogs just freely jump around in a car. They can also get injured and seriously hurt if something happens so why not make them wear a seatbelt? He is obviously not a big fan of the seatbelt but again, this is about being responsible and not pleasing your dog. This is so important, but make sure you attach the seat belt to their harness and not their collar! Echo already has a harness so we just got him a seatbelt but you can buy a harness seat belt

When we arrived to Ben’s mom’s place, we went for a quick walk and then played some cards, called hand and foot. This is our new favorite. Have you heard about it? My brother-in-law’s boyfriend introduced us to it and it pretty much took over the entire family. I am starting to win games now here and there so I am gaining some confidence slowly. It is a great game. 

We got to meet these two cuties:

And we got to walk around on Saturday and enjoy the beautiful weather. It makes me so sad knowing that this won’t last long…I mean..it is already gone. Look at this beauty though:

We stopped to get some lunch and coffee and had the BEST blueberry pie ever. 

On our way home, I took some more pictures. We ended up walking 2.5 miles. It felt great!

When we got back, we played another round of hand and foot. I ended up losing really badly, so I went outside to take some fresh air. It was by far the worst game I have ever played. Do you like flavored seltzer water? We love it so much!

Power Outage, Cape Cod & November Challenge

We got home pretty late on Saturday but I still had to do my yoga challenge. Echo and I are getting really good at the savasana pose. 

On Sunday we went grocery shopping, since we didn’t have anything in our fridge. We were gonna do it last Sunday but we didn’t go because of the storm and because we were binge watching Stranger things. And then the power went out so there was no reason to do it. But to be honest, it was so cold that we had milk in the fridge and it didn’t go bad at all. I got a new book, it is called Big Magic. It is about creativity and inspiration. It has been pretty good so far. 

Tuesday morning we went on a 1.5 mile walk with Echo, then I let him roam around and chase his tennis ball outside. It is his absolute favorite thing to do. Sometimes he doesn’t even want to chase the ball though, just wants to lay down and chew on it. I started taking a book with me because standing around gets pretty boring. I read 2 chapters. I spent the rest of the day working. I am very excited about some new changes coming to the blog soon. 

When we got home, I made a PB&J sandwich and Echo got to clean out the peanut butter jar. It kept him pretty entertained for almost an hour. That is what Michael Scott calls a win, win, win situation! 😀 

If you like tea, you should try Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Black Tea with Orange! I heard about it before and then I found it in Target for $5 so I grabbed it. It is REALLY good, the spices are a little strong at first but I enjoy the sweet taste very much. I don’t even have to put honey in it.

Right now Echo is sleeping on my lap. It is very comfortable to type like this 😀

So this was our past week. I also want to say that my heart goes out to the victims of the Texas shooting and their families and friends. It breaks my heart to see these tragedies happen so often. 

Questions for you:

  1. Do you make your dog(s) wear a seat belt?

  2. Do you know hand and foot (card game)?

  3. Tea or coffee?


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