Rainy weekend and date night dinner


I love weekends because it means Echo, Ben, and I can spend a ridiculous amount of time outside; we go for long walks, work outs, hikes, play tennis…anything to stay outside now that winter is finally over… or is it?

I was very happy to get outside this weekend and get some sun so you can imagine how excited I got when we went outside Saturday morning and saw this. (To be honest, I saw it through the windows too, but it is more dramatic this way) It not only rained but also has been snowing a little bit which is just ridiculous, c’mon!


But whatever… that is honestly okay too, sometimes it is nice to stay in..in…in…meh

Saturday morning for breakfast we made some eggs, waffles, rice cakes, and added fresh fruit to the mix. We had to go teach tennis in the morning but still wanted to get some energy in before we left the house.

I have been drinking Siggi’s Kefir every morning and I love it. I usually get the plain (zero added sugar, 100 calorie per serving, 11g protein, and 450mg calcium) but the flavored ones are delicious too. Kefir is really good for you for many reasons (Authority Nutrition), such as:

  1. More powerful probiotic drink than yoghurt
  2. It has antibacterial properties
  3. Improves bone health


4. Improves digestion
5. Might help with symptoms of allergy and asthma
6. Lactose intolerant? No problem! You can still tolerate kefir according to Authority Nutrition

After tennis, we had to run some errands, so by the time we got home, it was about 4:30 pm.

I went to work out, did 20 minutes on the elliptical, 45 squats, 45 jump squats, 45 sumo squats, 45 split squats and then abs. I felt pretty drained by the end, so I stretched for about 10 minutes and went home. I made some wild berry and banana smoothie with apple sauce and chia seeds, it was pretty filling and it felt nice to be warm and cozy while sipping on a delicious smoothie.


Ben and I played a couple rounds of Sequence which is one of my favorite board games, but I lost unfortunately. Again. Unfortunately.

While we were focusing on the game, Echo figured out a way up to the blender cup and put his face as far as he could into the cup getting the dark purple smoothie all over his face. Luckily it is not too obvious, but he has blue/purple facial hair now. We could not wash all the color out. This dog.


The next day Echo woke up around 8 am with a purple face and Ben took him for a short walk. It was very windy and rainy and just terrible outside.


I Skype-ed my Parents, and Grandparents because it was Mother’s Day in Hungary! I messaged my godmother and my friends who recently became moms or on their way to become moms soon. It is crazy how many of our friends are getting married this year and/or are having babies. It is very exciting and I definitely can’t wait to see all their beautiful faces this summer and celebrate their happiness together.

After all the Skype session (haha it was a couple hours long) we made a fruit cup for breakfast so we can last until real breakfast.


My grandpa used to make a delicious sausage and egg breakfast when I was growing up. It was my favorite and I tried to recreate it after getting inspired by our Skype date, but I failed miserably… It was still a good breakfast but it was nothing like that breakfast. I will try it again this weekend!


First of all, there is no avocado involved in his version, what was I even thinking? 🙂 (That is too healthy)

After breakfast we played a couple rounds of Sequence, I lost again and then I went to work out. I used my anger as an extra energy to run faster haha

After work out, our friend, Stephanie, her one year old baby, and I went on a lady’s afternoon hang out. Window shopping, hanging out, talking, and grabbing coffee was a perfect afternoon activity on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. It was just a couple hours but it was still nice to go outside and cruise around town. She introduced me to a new coffee shop, that I have never tried before. It is called Dutch Bros, and it is her absolute favorite place.. it sounds like haha


It was a drive through coffee shop but the atmosphere was great inside. We had to wait for our order, but the guy by the window was super nice and very talkative. The music inside was pretty loud and it just looked like they were having  a very fun time and enjoying work. It was definitely a very different feel than what you get at most coffee shops. I love how the lid says different quotes. Mine said: “You radiate pure awesome!”…well, thank you! 🙂 I tried their white chocolate mocha with a caramel swirl and I really liked it. I will go back there at some other time again!

Ben and I were going to go on a date night on Sunday night but decided to stay home and hang out. We made dinner together, tried something new that we have never made before.

This is always a little risky but we usually have a lot of fun during and even if the food doesn’t turn out perfect, it is usually edible at least 😀

We had steak for meat, and red potatoes and Brussels sprouts as a side. We were going to make stuffed red potatoes and garlic-Parmesan Brussels sprouts. They turned out great!


I am not going to go into details about the steak because we just cooked it in a pan and Ben flavored it with salt, pepper and paprika. (yum)

Brussels Sprouts:

We washed the sprouts and then put them all into a bowl; we put olive oil, salt, garlic, graded Parmesan cheese, and a little pepper on top and mixed them in. We laid them all out on a pan and put them into the oven for about 25 minutes. At 15 minutes we turned them around so the other side would get some color as well.


None of us is a huge fan of Brussels sprouts, we definitely don’t hate them, but we would never go: oh my, I am craving some Brussels sprouts today. But we felt like we have been making the same food over and over again, so it was time for a change and this turned out to be a pretty exciting new dish that we enjoyed very much. I added some more salt to them when they were done.

Stuffed Red Potatoes:

Step 1: Wash and cut all the red potatoes in half…


Step 2: Scoop out the middle of the potatoes and place them on a pan. Bake the potatoes in the oven for about 25 minutes on 400 degrees. The scooped out middle parts go in a pot into boiling water until they became soft.


Step 3: While the potato halves are baking, grab a bowl and mix green onions, sour cream, butter and the scooped out middle parts (after they are done in the boiling water) into a mix. (We didn’t have too much sour cream left, so I added a little ranch dressing to the mix, but I think it helped the taste a lot!)


Step 4: When the 25 minutes is up,  take out the potato halves and fill them up with the mix. When you are done, pour mozzarella cheese all over them.

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Sorry for the blurry photo

Step 5: Put them back into the oven for another 5-6 minutes and then they are done!!!!!


They are great as a side dish or just by themselves. It is not a low calorie meal for sure but if you cheat on your diet, do it right! 🙂

The meal turned out pretty fantastic!


(These plates are the ones we used in our dorm rooms in college a long time ago 🙂 They are so fun!)

Hope everybody had a nice weekend!





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