You were so close Starbucks…


I think nobody is strange to this topic and I can’t wait to hear all about your made up names by a Starbucks barista but I have been having the best and most non-successful name game lately at coffee shops and I decided it was time to share some of the best ones from the past.

It got to the point where they asked for my name and I said: Orsi, spelled as: O.R.S.I. and then they wrote Kim. Okay, a slight over exaggeration but close. I hope you know that I never get mad at them (who would actually get mad about that?) but I think it is hilarious. Whenever I go now, I kind of hope that they will mess my name up so I can just attach it to my collection

So here are my top 5 + 1 picks

First place goes to Rosa (yes, after spelling my correct name) which is one of the most recent members of my collection. Rosa (as I have heard it from my friend) is also Swedish for the color pink and a cow (Thanks Starbucks)!!  Huge congratulations to Rosa.


Second place goes to Orson! Congratulations Orson! You are not only a male name but you also remind me of Orson Hodge (hardcore Desperate Housewives fans will understand) and to find a more sophisticated example I guess Orson Welles. (Unless this is Obon because then we have a problem…what the heck is Obon?)

Third place goes to Rosi. Please give it up for Rosi.

I am not even mad, I am impressed. They got all the letters right, just put them in the wrong order. Rosi, Congratulations!

Fourth Place is very similar to third place. All the letters are correct, just the order is different. I still think Oris deserves a fourth place behind Rosi because Rosi could very well be an actual name. But it was very close Oris, don’t get discouraged.


Fifth place goes to another Orson, but this Orson is paired with Edette (my friend’s name is Edit). I just couldn’t let this Orson take over other Orson, possibly Obon. Plus this is just a tiny little photo, the best I could find. Maybe next time guys, but 5th place is still pretty great! Great job!

Orson and Edette

And here comes the honorary mention. This one, however, it might be the best of all, has to be only an honorary mention because this one is not Starbucks. My full name is Orsolya and here is what Samsung came up with:


 That is right, Bifolya! I love it!

Alright, this is it for now, hope this put a smile on everyone’s face, now let’s hear about your picks:

  1. Does Starbucks (or other places) ever mess up your name?
  2. What are your favorites?
  3. Are you a coffee or tea person?

If you would like to see some solid coffee cup art click here.


  1. This phenomenon is often the case when you have a difficult to spell or unusual name. My last name is Dillabough and I have had it pronounced “Dillenburg, Dillerbaugh, Dillibug, Dalanbach, etc. I just answer whenever someone comes close. I got to where I would tell people, “It’s pronounced like a Dill pickle with a bow tied around it, DILL a BOW.” I thought this was pretty slick until, when we moved to Tennessee, I introduced myself that way. As a result there was one teenager who insisted on calling me “Sister Pickle Ribbon.” LOL, you just can’t win sometimes.

  2. I read somewhere that Starbucks does this purposely because it encourages people to take a photo and share, thus free marketing. I also have a unique name, and just give the letter “V”… and they still get that wrong!


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