Life of a College Graduate; Poem-ish

Go to college – they said

You will get a job – they said

I went to college like you said and got two degrees!! – I said

Oh you are international – they said

Two bachelors is not enough – they said

You must stick out and get a master’s degree – they said.

(So I went back to school like they said)

You need experience – they said

(So I got an internship like they said)

You got a master’s degree now? – they asked

I am a master now! – I said

You got experience? – they asked

I got diplomas and internship experience – I said

You are useless! – they yelled

I need a job to get more experience – I said

In your dreams!!!!! – they said

We got a job for you – others said

We will work you over time and pay you minimum wage! – they said

You won’t have any time off and we will make you cry! – they said

What do I do now? – I asked

You have loans to pay for? – they asked

I have life to pay for – I said

Then you can’t do anything! – they laughed!

Yes I can! – I said




HA! I wrote this a little less than a year ago when I was into my 7th month of looking for a job. I found it on my old blog and thought I should transfer it over, because it made me giggle.  Hope you enjoyed it.

I wonder how other college graduates feel. HA-HA



  1. Haha, ez nagyon jó. Ilyen az élet általában. De van egy hely, ahol ezt nem kérdezik, ahol van munka, van szabadidő, van pénz, sok, van elismerés és van élet! Igaz, nem másnak, csak magadnak dolgozol.
    Bár mindenki náluk kötne ki!

  2. Isn’t this the truth. Go to college. I did. Get a business degree. I did. Can’t find a job? Get a MBA. I stopped there. Got married and had a kid. Had to go back to school. Another degree. Worked in new career. Didn’t last. Went back to school. Got another degree. Worked in new career. Didn’t last. No more school…I’m too stressed. Student loans own me. Ya, been there, done that! I loved your poem! Humor and truth all in one!


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