30 Lessons I Learned by 30


Hi Everyone, 

Now that I turned 30 and woke up all wise and such, I thought I should share my wisdom on this beautiful rainy afternoon. Also, on a side note it has been 100-120 degrees in Arizona so we all really appreciate the rain, THANK YOU!!!! Let’s get to it!

30 Lessons I Learned By 30

1. If someone is rude to you, it is okay to throw small objects at them

2. Morning walks and morning coffee is the BEST

3. Automatic toilets are the devil’s invention

4. Experience Over Things

5. Family and Friendships are very precious, make the effort to keep in touch frequently

6. If someone wants to go, let them

7. If someone flicks you off (maybe out of road rage) make sure you smile and wave back! I read this somewhere but sounds like a great plan to me 🙂

8. Look at the big picture

9. Don’t be afraid to wear happy colors to stand out

10. Always communicate your feelings

11. Let go of things, don’t be so attached to material stuff

12. Taco Bell gives you diarrhea 

13. I do have will power when it comes to chocolate, I just don’t want to use it and that is my choice

14. Nature is great therapy

15. Animals are great therapy too

16. Give thanks every day for what you have

17. Trees and bees are your friends. Protect them. (Unless you are severely allergic to bee stings. In that case you are probably not too close friends and I am also very sorry)

18. Appreciate the small moments in life

19. It is okay to be a little selfish

20. It is okay to eat 3 doughnuts in one sitting or eat cake for breakfast

21. Sending out emails take forever. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Just pick up the phone.

22. Belly fat is a great asset when you are a belly dancer. (note to self: try out belly dancing)

23. Can’t compare yourself to others and where they are in their life. Even though, by age 30, Walt Disney already created Mickey Mouse…no big deal.

24. 30 year old body is not as fresh as twenty something body. Now I pull a muscle if I look to the right too suddenly. Side note: Don’t come at me unexpectedly from either directions! “Please and thank you.” (Extra points if you know who I just quoted 🙂 )

25. It is worth paying more money for a better quality toilet paper. Single ply toilet paper is also the invention of the devil.

26. When you see a puppy, go crazy no matter how old you are. Drop everything that is in your hand and just be happy.

27. Work out clothes give you the most comfort to sit on the couch and watch a movie while eating Nutella out of a jar

28. When cooking, apply as much Hungarian paprika as possible 

29. At American airports you can establish eye-contact with a stranger through the toilet door crack 

30. It is okay if you are the only one laughing hysterically in a movie theater. Then find your people who will laugh alone with you

30 +1. If you feel like you said or did something embarrasing, don’t let yourself think about it for more than 7 seconds. You said something that you might think the other person misunderstood and now stressing out about it? Give yourself 7 seconds to freak out, count down and then move on!

And as always, don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comment section below 😉



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