5 + 1 Helpful Tips When Dealing With A Major Life Change


Hi Everyone, 

Before I dive into this post, I just want to say that my heart goes out to all the families and all the poor animals that have go through such rough time because of Hurricane Irma. If you are able to help, check out bestfriends.org, where you can donate any amount towards the rescuing, feeding, and sheltering of the animals! They also help reuniting pets with their families. <3 

Definitely, current life events put things into perspective. I can’t even imagine all the pain people are going through right now and that made me realize that my “problems” are not problems!

However, our family of three just went through a pretty big life change and that is not always easy to adjust to. We left everything we knew behind and relocated ourselves 2,600 miles to the east. It was a ballsy move and I have days when I feel super pumped about it and there are days when I just want to scream: WHHHHYYYYYYY? WHHHYYYYYYY DID WE DO THIS???

But again, no matter how sorry I feel for myself, at the end of the day, when I am done b*tching, I realize this had to be done. We lived in Arizona for 8 years. It was super comfortable but being comfortable doesn’t mean that was the right place for us. We wouldn’t want to live there for the rest of our lives so why not just explore other places and get to know the unfamiliar streets? So that is what we did. 

Or in other words: It was time for us to rip off that bandage and leave our comfort zone miles behind. (I can always find relatable scenes from Friends to any life moments of mine :D)

Of course in the mean time, while adjusting, there can be negative feelings and self-doubt that come and go. Here are some tricks I use to help with the life change.

5+1 Helpful Tips When Dealing With A Major Life Change

  1. 1. WORK OUT

Working out has been a huge outlet for me when I feel stressed. I have been playing tennis for 20 years. Since I can remember going to the gym, taking a yoga class, or going down to the tennis courts have always helped me take my mind off of things. I always feel a lot better after I get a good sweat on. It helps me feel energized and ready to tackle anything that comes my way. Find what works best for you! Even just going on a short power walk can get you out of a rut.


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Sometimes I wake up and feel overwhelmed with all the things I should be doing. It feels like a huge chaos and there is no way I will ever get anything done. Sitting down, writing a to-do list helps me keep my focus on one thing at a time. Plus crossing things off the list is a great feeling. Also, I mentioned above that we just moved! One thing that was very hard that I left my usual routine behind. Creating a schedule helped me get things running up again. I have a day for cleaning, a day for laundry, a time a day when I do my workout, and when I work on the blog. 


Or if you are new in town, like I am right now, find a place that is comforting for you. I love going to coffee shops to work or going to the ocean with a hot drink and a book. I love watching Echo run around and enjoying his freedom. Dogs are so inspirational. They just run around worry free, enjoying themselves, and always making the best out of every situation. Be present in the moment, enjoy that you get to spend time at your happy place and let go of your worries!


Grab your journal and draw something. Put on a TV Show that makes you laugh. Friends, The Office, Parks and Rec, Last Man on Earth, and Gilmore Girls are my absolute to go shows.  Read a book that brings tears to your eyes or put on a movie that you enjoy! 


Cook something delicious or go out and have a great meal that you enjoy throughly. Go get dessert!!! We have been sampling some doughnut and ice-cream shops around. Get a hot drink. Get a new piece of clothing you love or go get a manicure done. Treat. Yo. Self.


Communicating is always important. Some people shut down but that makes it hard for others to know what is going on. Talk to your family, friends and ask for help if you need one. You would do the same for them! Don’t be afraid to open up.

Comment below: What are some tricks that help you deal with a major life change?



  1. My tricks are a biiiiig jar of nutella and Disney movies 😉
    They make me relaxed and than I can do whatever is needed.

  2. Én írnék egy listát még azokról a jó dolgokról, amik az új helyen várnak rám. Új, érdekes, különleges dolgok, amik izgalmasak lesznek majd, és ami miatt költözöl…..
    Vagy vizsgáld meg, hogy lesz e ott olyan kihívás, amit szívesen csinálsz…pl. lakberendezés…az új lakás berendezése, igazán izgalmas feladat, ha szereted csinálni.
    A jó dolgokra koncentrálj, amit már alig vársz.


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