5 Ways Being Away From Technology Made Me Happy


Hi Everyone!

We are headed to Sedona (A magical little town in Arizona! You can see the gorgeous scenery and read more about one of our previous trips here) to watch over my friend’s house and dogs while she is on a road trip. She doesn’t have Internet at her house and we could only find phone reception in certain areas so we knew that the weekend was going to be a little different from what we are used to. Needless to say I was a little concerned 😀

However, I have to admit the weekend was not completely Internet free because I had to go to work both days but the mornings and the afternoons were spent completely away from social media and Internet and that already made a huge difference. I came to a rather sad realization: I use my phone way too much (even when I don’t need to) and that takes time away from my husband, friends, and puppy. But here are the 5 ways that being away from technology made me happier:

1. More Quality Time Spent with Each Other

  • We played board and card games
  • Night time Sudoku or reading
  • Before going to bed we talked about our days in more details
  • Spent the morning with each other and the dogs, instead of just scrolling down FB

2. Less Stressing

  • No feeling of missing out on anything
  • Didn’t care who and when liked or disliked what on my Instagram
  • Didn’t constantly check my phone or had to have it in my hands just because (I do that sometimes, even when it doesn’t beep or ring.)
  • Focused more on myself, relaxed and meditated, I felt more at peace

3. Better Sleep

  • I wasn’t on phone before falling asleep or didn’t check my messages first time in the morning
  • Didn’t wake up to the phone buzzing or beeping (sometimes I forget to silence it)
  • No temptation to check what happened while I was asleep after going to the bathroom at night
  • Fell asleep without looking at the bright screen for 15-20 minutes
  • Took a great nap, didn’t fall asleep with the phone in my hands

4. More Time Spent with the Dogs

  • We had time for more playtime
  • Walked them more
  • Paid more attention to them instead of looking at our phones’ screen

5. Wasn’t Being Afraid of the Quiet

  • TV wasn’t just on to make a background noise
  • Enjoyed sitting in quiet while sipping on some green tea and reflecting on my week
  • When we watched a movie at night, I actually focused on the movie, instead of having the phone in my hands as a second screen

I am not saying that I am going to throw away all technology but I learned some great lessons that I will incorporate into my everday life when I am back home and will try to find a healthy balance. I do think technology is important and I love that I can be in touch with all my family and friends from across the sea but

I Gotta find a healthy balance


  • I don’t need my phone as much as I thought I did
  • There was more time in my hands to do other things
  • We became more appreciative of little things like seeing a bird outside or a chipmunk. We enjoyed watching them instead of letting the moment slip by while trying to catch it on camera… and this brings me to my next point


  • I won’t start or finish my day with scrolling down social media
  • I will pick a technology free hour each day which I will use to play with my dog Echo, for walking, or even do some yoga
  • I won’t have my phone out when I am eating
  • I will get a good old fashioned alarm clock
  • PLUS ONE TIP: There are some phone applications that can help to block social media apps, or even Internet for a certain period of time throughout the day, such as SelfControl (if you don’t have self control bwahah), Freedom, Moment etc. You can find a list of those on INC.com

Questions for you:

  1. Do you find yourself looking at your phone’s screen a little too much?
  2. Have you tried to change it?
  3. Do you have any tips?



  1. As a webmaster i use internet so much, but i have some rules: i don’t have internet on my phone, only wi-fi, but if i don’t need, i go offline (it’s easier than using an app, isn’t it?). On the street or if i go outside, i never use wi-fi connection. I don’t have any social apps on my phone (facebook, skype, etc.), cause i think it’s enough to have it on my laptop. And my best rule is: i always have free day on mondays, i don’t work and don’t live social life. 🙂

    • I really like that zsui! I deleted Facebook from my phone too and Skype is next. I sometimes caught myself walking on the street, looking at Facebook. That had to stop! And a day in peace and quiet sound amazing 🙂

  2. I love the new look, Orsi – and this blog is a great reminder to all of us. I think everyone needs a phone fast occasionally to enhance their perspective on REAL LIFE!


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