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Charity Miles is a phone application that I just became aware of the other day. (Kind of sad that I just discovered it because during our vacation we walked for days. All of a sudden it feels like it was all for nothing  ) **This is not a sponsored post**; I just think it is a wonderful idea and I would like to make people aware of it. Especially now with all the Pokemon Go craziness going on.

Charity Miles counts how many miles you walk, bike or hike in a day and based on that amount, from a pool of money put together by several sponsors, it donates to a charity of your choice. Now while chasing Pokemon, you can raise money for a charity and get two things done at the same time.

Charity Miles will measure your distance and you will help earn money for your charity.

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List of charities

There is a list of charities you can pick from once you download the app. Thanks to several sponsors, based on how many miles you walk, the charity will receive a certain amount of money.
(List of charities from Charity Miles Website)

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Download the application

The FREE application is available for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Play Store) phones. All you have to do is download the app, pick a charity you would like to donate to and keep running, walking, cleaning the house…pretty much just keep doing whatever you have been doing (even if it is just walking to your car in the morning and then back to your house at night). Just let the dollar amount grow on your screen and enjoy the fact that you are making a difference with each step.

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