How I Deal with Feeling Overwhelmed


I sometimes find myself stressing over things in life that I can’t fully control at the moment. The scary future and the overwhelming feeling of what am I gonna do in life, where will I end up, how often will I see my family. This can put me in a pretty bad groove once in a while but I realized there are ways that help me feel much better.

Just the other day I was having one of those days so I decided to write about it today and share how I got over it. It definitely doesn’t solve the “problem”, I still don’t necessary know what is gonna happen, but it helps me remember that worrying about the future is completely unnecessary.

I am very curious how other people deal with feeling overwhelmed and would love to hear about your ways in the comment section if you don’t mind sharing!

Here are the 10 Best Ways that help me deal with feeling overwhelmed


1. Workout

Working out is such a stress reliever. Whether it is going for a run, walking, playing tennis, doing yoga or just getting a quick workout circuit done at home, it always helps me. It takes my mind off of the issue, shakes me up a little bit and after the workout I always feel like I am stronger and ready to take on the world. Here is a short reference from Mayo Clinic’s website on why is exercise so good for the body and the soul. Check it out!

2. Talk and communicate with loved ones – don’t pile the stress up

This is a big one for me. My parents thought me lots of things growing up but one thing they couldn’t stop emphasizing is how important communicating really is. There is so much truth to that. Lack of communication definitely adds more stress into my every days so I always try to make sure to let my loved ones know what is going on. Talking about my worries with my loved ones helps with the overwhelming feeling. Sometimes they gave me great advice, looking at things with the eye of an outsider and it helps them understand what is going on with me.

3. Walking and playing with Echo

I know this is not for everybody because not everybody has a pet but for me, giving full attention and focusing on my dog helps a lot with handling stress. When I feel overwhelmed I just take him to the park, teach him new tricks or play fetch. Echo is such a happy little guy and there is so much love that he spreads around every day. He just keeps giving and is always there for us. He doesn’t expect much in return and he never takes. He is always super excited to see us whether we leave for 2 minutes or if we return from a long day at work. Having a dog is definitely one of the best things that could have ever happened to us.

4. Breathing technique and relaxing music in the background

I used to underestimate this a huge amount. I never really thought that just breathing slower would do any good to me and relaxing and slow music just made me more sad if anything. Then I took a stress relief class at work and we learned about the alternate nostril breathing technique. Try it out when you feel a little stressed, it works!

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Relaxing music can also help. Have you ever had the feeling when you walked into getting a massage or yoga class that all of a sudden all your worries just ran away? Yea, me neither, but it helped me relax so much! It definitely doesn’t fix the problem, but it helps me clear my mind, and with that I can find some peace in the chaos.

5. Taking notes and writing to do lists

Sometimes when I feel like there is way too much on my plate and I don’t even know where to begin, I can get stressed. Whenever I don’t know what task to start with, writing up a list helps to take away the overwhelming feeling. It clears up my mind and I see it way better what my next step has to be and makes it look more doable. And as a plus, crossing off things from the ‘to do list’ is a great and satisfying feeling!

6. Reading a motivational book or watching a TV show that makes me laugh

The latest motivational book I read was You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. I highly recommend it. It really is an easy read, her writing is very entertaining and she is really not afraid to tell the truth. I appreciate that. For TV shows…hmmm…my to go “make me happy” TV show is Friends I watch it over and over and the jokes make me laugh just as much as when I heard them for the first time. But The Office works well too 😉

7. Not going near any social media

I don’t know about you, but social media stresses me out sometimes. Especially when I am already stressed. It is like oil to the fire. Comparing myself to others, what am I doing, what are they doing? Ugh…not helping. I decided to limit my time on it anyways, but when I am not feeling well, I gotta ignore it completely. You can read about our technology free long weekend here and what difference it really made.

8. Having a good night sleep and a hot beverage before going to bed

Having hot cocoa or a hot cup of Chamomile Tea in quiet helps me relax and that usually results in a better night sleep as well. One glass of red wine during dinner does the trick too 😀 (Working out helps with the good night sleep as well)

9. Taking Some Me Time

It is very important to take some me time. When you can focus on yourself. Maybe go on a shopping trip, go and meet up with girlfriends in a coffee shop, spend couple minutes in a jacuzzi, if it is available to you. Just take a couple hours away from the usual environment, maybe go to the movies. These usually help me!

10. Gotta Remember: Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Gotta remember not to be too judgmental on ourselves. We are our own biggest critiques. I gotta remember to stop comparing myself to others, to stop feeling like I am behind. I have to talk to myself, like I would like others to talk to me and have to see myself, like I want others to see me. I read a quote once that hit very close to home. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I saw it but it was something like this: “If you had friends who talked to you, like you talk to yourself sometimes, would you hang out with those people? No? Then why do you allow yourself to talk to you that way?”…hmmm

Additional ideas: baking and traveling (if it is an available option).

Questions for you:

  1. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?
  2. Do you think anything from this list could be helpful?


  1. Great post and very useful tips. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I usually talk it over with my husband. He is a very logical and rational human being, and he tends to have another perspective than I. I also find writing very useful – and analyzing my own reactions and feelings. Those are the processes I can influence.

  2. Great post! I like to read a book that makes me happy like Harry Potter or like you said a devotional. I also like to meditate! Apps like Breathe, Headspace, and Calm are some that I use. When I’m feeling overwhelmed I also pray, I find that directing my sense of worry off myself to a higher being is helpful!

    • Thank you Hails 🙂 YAAAAS to Harry Potter!!! How did I forget about it? haha and yes, those are all great apps! Yes, sending worries out to the universe is very helpful!

  3. A glass of wine is always a good start! Seriously, when life is overwhelming, I read my Bible and find scriptures that give me hope. It’s then that I realize this situation, and even my time in this world is so short. I will get through just fine if I get my focus on obeying what God has called me to do – Love Him with my whole heart, mind and soul. In light of that simple truth, I must share a fun quote that I go to time and time again: “It will all be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” I LOVE your quote about talking to yourself – excellent post!

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