5 Reasons Why I love My LifeProof Case

5 Reasons Why I love My LifeProof Case

Hello Everyone, 

I recently got a lot of questions about my LIFEPROOF phone case, so I thought I should write about it. This is not a sponsored post, I just truly believe this is the best phone case and I can’t even tell you how many times it saved my phone. It is one of the best investments I have ever made and it might be something that you would enjoy too!  

I love being outside, going on hikes, I am a dog owner, an athlete, and a clumsy person so having a phone case that protects from everything (rain, snow, sand, mud, deep water, keys, zombies, tennis balls) is worth everything to me. This is also your golden ticket if you have young children. My phone landed in a bowl of apple sauce before and I just rinsed it off. (Truth: I was the one who dropped it in there, not a young child, but it could have been, if I had one)

5 Reasons Why I love My LifeProof Case

There are other good phone cases available but I haven’t found anything else besides the LIFEPROOF cases that are not too bulky but provide enough protection. I also don’t really trust the Alpha glass on its own. I have seen it many times when the screen cracked around the glass.


5 Reasons Why I love My LifeProof Case

  • Thin enough to not make the phone bulky and there are many designs and colors to choose from. 
  • Very reliable! I have dropped my phone while walking and I kicked it mid-air. I made it fly 3 feet and then slide another 2…and nothing happened to it. My phone is now 1 year old and is still in a brand new condition. 
  • Mine usually wears off after a year and a half; but they will send you a brand new one for FREE! You just have to pay $5 for shipping and handling. 
  • Best darn customer service I ever had the pleasure to interact with…every time! 
  • It really is a peace of mind thing. I was always stressed before if my phone slipped out of my hands, when I put it in my bag I wanted to make sure nothing can scratch the screen, or if my dog was jumping too close to it. Now, even if I drop it, I don’t even blink an eye because I know it is safe.

It is a little pricey (still under $100) but to change your cracked screen is $200. I got my case during Black Friday weekend and it was $20 cheaper. 

5 Reasons Why I love My LifeProof CaseSo again, this is not a sponsored post, I really do recommend it. It is annoying to pay $200 for your phone screen, but it is even more annoying to look at your cracked screen all the time. Cases are available for Samsung and iPhones.


Do you have a LifeProof case?
How do you like it?


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