Reflecting on the Past 7 Months


Hi Everyone,

The other day I was sitting at a coffee shop. All bundled up, sipping on some warm cappuccino, looking out the window. It was raining outside and was only 43 degrees (it’s May). I couldn’t help but think how different my life was 7 months ago. Even crazier to think that 7 months from now, I will be again at a completely different place but that is a whole other story.

7 months ago I had a safe job, awesome people to work with but I felt like something was missing. I absolutely loved my boss and I enjoyed going to work. I felt very comfortable where I was and was never too nervous or out of my comfort zone. An opportunity came up, with a little less pay but in a field that I have been missing so much since graduation and that is tennis. I could not play college tennis again, but as a coach, I could find my way back and became part of that world one more time.

The opportunity presented itself with lots of positives: more flexibility during the day, more traveling, playing tennis, and being able to go back home in December to celebrate Christmas with my family which meant the world to me.

But the new job also came with a lot of scary thought: working with a new boss, working with 7 college girls (I love them to the moon and back but not easy 😀 ), being responsible for practice, driving the team van, and traveling with them to places without the head coach sometimes. Overall just many more responsibilities and lots of “out of my comfort zone” situations.

I had some bad nights when I was just turning and twisting, woke up thinking I was going to jump into something that I will regret eventually. I was safe, why would I throw this away? I hated the idea that I will be in uncomfortable situations constantly.…giving a team speech or interviews! Yikes 😀

and as you can see I did great with that hahaha

But on the other hand, I felt like that staying somewhere just because it is comfortable, is the completely wrong reason. Being comfortable never brought any growth or improvement to anybody. I felt like I would disappoint myself if I stayed at my old job just because of that. The more I thought about doing new things, the more it started to excite me! Overall, I am not doing this completely alone, I have my family’s and friends’ support!

Change and the unknown is scary but it doesn’t mean it is bad. With the right attitude, it is exciting! New situations bring new opportunities and new people in your life.

In the next couple of days, life sent people in my way that were able to help with great advice. My family and close friends were there the whole time but all of a sudden people showed up in my life that I don’t often talk to. Through their own experience, or just by listening to my whining, they were able to help me a huge amount. I am very thankful for them!

I decided to go with the scary change and now, after 7 months I get to reflect on this time and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

It wasn’t always easy but overall, I am so happy I did it.

I became so much more these past 7 months. There were times when I had to stand up for myself or for the girls in the team. There were times when I had to be strong to get my opinion across and say no! Saying no is not always easy!!

  • I learned that it is impossible to please everybody. I had to go with my gut feeling and do what I believed was right for the entire team. I had to look at the big picture.
  • I learned that we all struggle with similar fears and feelings! Opening up brings people closer to each other.
  • I already knew this, but now I am even more sure, that communication is essential to well-functioning relationships!! Whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship.
  • I learned that being in a leadership position means listening to people, paying attention to their individualities and emphasizing what they are great at! Focusing on the details that make them glow!
  • I learned that if you have good intentions, people will see that! They will trust you and pay attention to you. Building trust is very important.
  • I learned that admitting my mistakes is just as important. We are human and we will make mistakes. And admitting, instead of trying to cover it up, is a humble act to do that people appreciate.
  • I learned that humor and laughing is essential! You gotta learn how to laugh at yourself! Can’t take things too serious all the time.

But these are not the only reasons why I feel more than I was 7 months ago! These 7 months brought people in my life that I will forever be thankful for.

  • I got to know the girls in the team pretty well and got to develop some fantastic friendships.
  • We had great times laughing together, we created memories that I will cherish for a lifetime!
  • We celebrated victories together and cried over losses together!
  • We argued and disagreed! We talked and made up!
  • We had fun rooming together on trips! We watched TV, discovered the hotel, the work out rooms, we were blogging together and grabbed cookies from the lobby.
  • Through the girls I get to meet some of their parents! They are such sweet people, supportive, and kind. Meeting them already added incredible amount of value to my life that I will never be able to pay back.

As I was finishing up my coffee, watching the rain drops hitting the window, I realized how grateful I am! I am grateful for my old job and boss, who always treated me well. For my new job and all the opportunities, lessons, memories and people that it brought in my life.

Change is scary but we can’t back out of a good opportunity just because of the scary unknown. I would have missed out on so much! I am grateful for everyone who made these past 7 months unforgettable, I will always cherish our moments! I am grateful for my wonderful husband, who is the biggest support! He was unbelievably helpful the entire time even when I was a little stressed. Well, this is starting to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech so I am gonna finish with a huge thank you!

Now we get a little summer time and then jumping back to working and tremendous amount of new adventures!!!!

Questions for you:

  1. How do you feel about change? Do you like it or not?
  2. Any fun plans for the summer?
  3. Any fun goals for the summer?


  1. “Aki elhagyja a járt utat a járatlanért, tudja mit veszít, de azt nem, hogy mire lel majd.” /Don Vito/
    Minél több a változás, annál több az élmény, minél könnyebben lépjük meg, annál felszabadultabbak leszünk és minél több a mosoly, amivel magunkhoz öleljük az újat, annál boldogabbak leszünk.
    De a legnagyobb érték, ha van egy szerető társ, akivel mindezt megoszthatod.
    Szeretettel: Anya

  2. Oh hello Orsi! Well, I like change if I know what’s going to happen. Change is uncomfortable but it’s also wonderful in that you meet new people! As for the fun I will be having this summer…I’m going to Disney land! I’m starting to design my life! I’m going to travel a bit and just have fun with family and friends! My goal this summer is to make new friends and get involved in my new community in Texas! I loved your post!


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