Make Your Own Reverse Bucket List


Hello Everyone, 

I can’t believe it is almost December. Time flies! My appreciation posts have became my absolute favorites lately because they truly give me a chance to stop for a second and reflect on some wonderful moments.

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Sometimes I feel like I just get through my days, trying to play catch up with life. The days go by and I do pass the sweet little moments in the fast lane without stopping for a second and truly appreciating them.

A couple weeks ago I was scrolling through Pinterest and something caught my attention. I found a post on that encouraged people to write a reverse bucket list. Wait…what? I thought it sounded interesting so I read it and it really resonated with me and inspired this post. Thank you for that Kara!

It is so easy to set our minds free and write a bucket list filled with dreams, places, ideas and activities we want to see and want to do in the future. There is nothing wrong with that. If you know me, you know I love bucket lists and just writing lists in general. I am that crazy list writing lady. I think they keep us curious, they drive us and motivate us to be better and help us look forward to something.

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But what about reflecting on past achievements and giving gratitude for what we have accomplished so far? You think that is easy? Yea…not really.

I make the mistake sometimes where I belittle my own accomplishments, compare myself to others and their achievements and where they are in life. I dream about the future and the things I want to do instead of sitting down and really appreciating what I have done so far. Does this seem familiar to you?

If not, then congratulations to you! 😀

If yes, then I encourage you to sit down and write your own reverse bucket list. Grab a plain piece of paper, some colorful pens, a hot drink (or a glass of wine) and start working! Don’t edit it, don’t think about it too much, just start writing. Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t worry what others would say, write whatever is important to you because that is all that matters!!!

You might think or feel like it is bragging but it really is not. It is about you appreciating what you have done and worked hard for. Taking credit for something you have achieved is not a bad thing. 

When you are done, take a deep breath and look at your paper. Make sure to take some time to reflect on what is in front of you and embrace it. 

So why is a Reverse Bucket List so good?

  1. It will help you appreciate the little things
  2. It makes you practice gratitude
  3. It helps you realize how much you have accomplished and the progress you have made so far
  4. It will remind you that you can be proud of who you are without feeling bad and thinking that you are bragging. You worked for these things!

Hope this was a helpful post and you will enjoy reflecting on your past successes!

Also, if you are interested in some beautiful and fun reminders of mindfulness and being present, follow this Pinterest board, called Minfulness & Hygge!


What do you think?
Are you ready to make your own list?


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