Sorry?! I guess, I am Not Sorry!


Sorry?! … I guess I am not sorry!

So this year, I have been doing a different self-improvement challenge each month. I did a no-chocolate month, a no-meat month, a squat month (ouch! Now I have beautiful Hulk legs. Totally not worth it) and other things that I will write about in a later post. This month I will stop saying sorry!

Not completely of course.

But I apologize a lot and it is often for things that I didn’t even do or out of my control. Why do I do this? It got to the point that it even bothers me. It has to stop, it must stop, it will stop. This month.

Current Situation:  I am ‘Self-Aware’ … at least

I know I am doing something wrong (Should I apologize for it? HAAH) but it has been going on for a while so sometimes I still do it as a reflex. I start saying: So…{then I am thinking: oh c’mooooon not again…but still have to finish the sentence at that point}…rry! {crap}

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that when we make mistakes and mess up something, we have to own up for them and apologize to the people that were hurt in the process. I will always admit when I am wrong and won’t feel bad for apologizing for that.

But again…I have been over doing it for years and screw that.


  1. The other day I literally (not exxagurating exaggerating… WOW tough word) held the door open for someone and said: Sorry! And then he looked at me weird because why wouldn’t he? So I said: Oh, sorry, I don’t know why I said sorry! HUH???
  2. Ooor, I was in a grocery store standing in ONE spot, not moving, barely breathing and a lady ran into me and I of course said: oh, I am sorry! Guess what? The lady kept walking without saying anything.


Exactly! So now you get it why I must stop apologizing for everything.

It doesn’t mean that the new me will chase down buttheads like that lady in the grocery store aisle but I for sure won’t apologize to her not-so-sorry ass in the future.

Current Problem: Awkwardness.

  1. Surprisingly, my over apologetic weird self gets into awkward situations. Sometimes I meet other over apologetic people and do an awkward “waltz” in the middle of the street while “yelling”…i am sorry…no… i… am… sorry…at each other as trying to pass the other person by.
  2. Or in other cases, I start saying “So….” and then I catch myself but I try to recover so I do a weird cough at the end or pretend I was about to say something, like: “So…{oh no don’t say sorry for nothing..come up with something real quick…hurry… faster…} so how is your day going?” {wow!}

The point of this whole story is that I have to learn to apologize ONLY when I am at fault. Apologizing to that lady who ran into me in the grocery store made me feel like I was her door mat or something. That she is sooo above me that I have to say sorry for standing in her way. That is not cool but you know what else is not cool? Her not saying sorry.

So people, learn how to say sorry if you mess up because I won’t be doing that for you anymore!



  1. Great post. I used to do this and then someone (can’t remember who) pointed it out to me.
    It’s so liberating to realise what you’ve been doing and it takes a while to change the habit.
    Good luck and keep on. It will come to you too 🙂

    • Thank you so much 🙂 It is really hard to break a bad habit but I will pay attention to it now!
      Also, I love your website and your travel and overnight bags are gorgeous!! I will keep that in mind for the future :))

  2. Habits, whether we perceive them as good or bad, are always hard to break. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. I really liked your self-realization statement. Knowing that you are doing this is the very first big step!!!

  3. I did this all the time and thought nothing of it until I saw The Giver with a couple friends! After the show they told me my overly nice and apologetic behaviour was creeping them out. It helped me to decided if I said “sorry” all the time, what values did my words really have when I really needed to say “I’m Sorry”?

  4. Thanks for a funny post! I remember that everyone was apologising for the strangest things in the UK. Once I (accidentally) hit someone with my bag on the bus and they said sorry.
    I do like self-improvement challenges – now I just try to go to the gym regularly but it might be fun to come up with something else as well.
    And I liked your Facebook page☺


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