February 22, 2018
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Magical May – Appreciating The Little Joys in Life

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all having a fantastic summer. I have been slacking a bit with the monthly updates so here is our recap from May. This summer has been incredibly...

California Reunion

Hi Everyone,  I had quite the quick trip recently. My friend had to go home a year and a half ago because her visa expired and all this time she was waiting...

Beautiful Sites You Should Check Out When Visiting Arizona

Hello Everyone, I lived in Arizona for almost eight years now. Sadly, this era is coming to an end soon so we are trying to go around and see as much as possible...

A Day at Beautiful Arches National Park, Utah

Hi Everyone, Arches National Park has been on my Bucket list for a while but on Saturday we finally got to see it! It was a completely random decision that we made on Friday....

Devil’s Bridge Hike, Sedona

Hi Everyone, This week is going so fast, I can barely keep up with it. This past weekend, we visited Devil's Bridge in Sedona. Before we leave Arizona we wanted to make...



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