All The Places We Have Seen Together


Hi EverBODi Everybody!

Echo here! Hope all is well! The other day, mom and I were sitting on the couch, talking about all the places we have seen together in the past year and a half since we have found each other. Mom said, she loves me with all her heart and she hopes we will be able to see even more in the future. She gets dramatic and emotional sometimes.

I likes to hold hands when we sits and talks

I am excitet excited about all the past and future trips. But let’s be honest, I am always excited. Now let’s recap those trips! Mom has a weird book that she writes stuff into. She has colored pens that she uses to draw. I love to chew on them, she gets mad when I do that but they are very tasty, I can’t help it.

Our Trips Between 2015 Fall – 2017 Spring

  1. 1. California

I am from L.A. so I guess it is normal that I go back and visit siblings once in a while. We have been to San Diego, Los Angeles, and did the Pacific Coast Highway drive together. I got a little car sick on the curvy roads. No worries, mom cleaned it up. Yikes.

Big Sur

Mom said my big head covered out the water fall. Which is pretty much the whole point of the picture…oops.


Monterey Bay

I remember this moment. I was looking into the nothing when out of nowhere the water attacked me.

Mom said the view is so gorgeous that she would probably become a runner if we lived here. Don’t tell her but I think she was exaggurating  exagerating. Lying. She was lying guys.

I just want to run into the wateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer


Here, I am having a conversation with a new friend I made. We are both dogs. He just likes water more than I do and he is naked. He is a nudist dog.

Pacific Coast Highway Drive

Look at those curvy roads…and the beautiful bridge! I asked mom to take a picture of me real quick. I hang this photo on my wall. I mean I would if I had a wall.

Quiet moments… ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

 Los Angeles

This is a family photo, visiting my sister Callie. (I am the one on the right) We are both exhausted from…ohm…nothing really.

2. Arizona

We have seen a lot of Arizona together. Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon. To be honest, Phoenix is a little too hot for me and the Grand Canyon is a little too deep.

Grand Canyon

San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff

I hiked Mt. Elden

Hiking trip in Sedona

3. Utah

Zion and Bryce Canyon were one of the best trips we have been to. Best memories from this trip: all the cuddling and looking into nothing and the fun hikes we did. Worst memory: trying to go through a bridge. I dislike bridges.

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon

4. Illinois and Wisconsin


It was the greatest. I spent time with grandma and everyone loved me and wanted to pet me. I enjoyed the fame. Besides that I spent a summer in Rockford with family and also visited Milwaukee for a short period of time.

5. Tennessee


Spent New Years in Nashville with the fam in December 2015. It was a fun trip but I had a hard time listening to country music. Although, I like a couple songs.

Questions for you:

  1. What is your favorite travel destination?
  2. Where are you planning on going next?
  3. Have you ever been to these places that I talked about?




  1. Szia Echo, voltam Grand Canyonban, mint te, és szeretném megnézni még azokat a helyeket is ahol te már voltál, de én még nem. Én messze élek, Magyarországon és nekem nem csak egy hétvégi séta a Brayce Canyon. De tervezem, hogy egyszer még elrepülök Amerikába, ahol te élsz és megnézem ezeket a gyönyörű helyeket. Te nagyon szerencsés vagy.


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