Echo has a big heart


Hi Everyone,

The other day my mom and I were walking into PetSmart and there was a homeless gentlemen and his dog sitting by the road. Mom smiled and said hi, I didn’t really care because I was motivated to go into my favorite place on earth. So we entered PetSmart to get me food and look around the shop for warm clothes. I love looking around and sniffing under the shelves, they usually have small bites of treats hiding there.

Mom grabbed a bag of food and then as we were walking away, she turned around and dragged me back to our previous spot, which is a bummer because I was just about to slurp up a delicious piece of snack from the floor. Rude!

She grabbed two other cans of food (weird I thought, since I never get canned food) and headed to the counter.

As we were walking outside, mom decided to go to the different direction than the car was and because I was on leash, I had no choice but go to that direction as well. We stopped by the guy and his dog and mom handed them a bag of canned dog food and a little bag of snacks. They were both so happy and the dog started jumping up and down, scaring the living heck out of me. He was like 3 times my size. Which is easy because I am a small size.

We walked back to the car and when we sat in, mom told me she loved me and hugged me so tight that I could barely breath. I did not like that and after a couple seconds I tried my best to get out of that very weird hug.

But it made me realize something. I am fortunate. I have food every day, I can go to the groomer, I have clean water to drink, I have a warm home to go back to after our night time walks, and I have parents who love me. But not every dog is like that which is very sad.

We went home and mom and I packed up all my harness that I don’t use anymore, my puppy training pads (or diapers as mom calls them), sweatshirts that are small on me, my old crate, and a huge box of tennis balls.

We are going to the shelter to drop those off so the dogs who are currently living there can have a great christmas too. I really hope they will enjoy playing with tennis balls as much as I do.

Please, if you see cold and freezing pets outside this winter, don’t just walk by them. Please call a shelter (or take them to a shelter) where they can at least get some food, medical attention and can find a new owner.






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