Fist Bump



This is a precious memory of mine. Here, I learned how to do a fist bump. My parents were super proud of me, they said I learned it in less then 10 minutes. Whatever that means…whatever minutes are…I am not sure.

But this is me with my crazy hair style:


The other day mom took me to PetCo. and the lady who worked there kept telling me to sit down and had a hand signal of a fist bump, so instead of sitting down, I kept trying to fist bump her but she kept saying, noooo sit! She kept pulling her hand away when I went for it. Man it was rough. Not until mom informed her that I was taught that specific hand sign is for fist bump. I did well. She then laughed and gave me a cracker.

Good thing mom was there to translate, I really wanted that cracker…

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!



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