The times Echo was busted for being sneaky…


Echo is a very intelligent, super sweet, cuddly, loving, and playful young puppy, but he is also naughty as hell. I thought it would fit perfectly into his chronicles if we mentioned all the times Echo was busted for being sneaky.

He loves to test his limits (he is at that age) and figure out how far he can go, before we flip out. He knows exactly what is right and wrong. When we are not looking he picks up a shoe, but as soon as we notice it, he drops it, and casually walks away. We look at him, and he looks back at us like: I have absolutely no idea how that shoe got there…I have nothing to do with it, I was sitting here innocently, just look at my sweet face, I am cute and you love me.


I am impressed with his sneakiness so it is very hard to keep a straight face when he does something like that. There were times when he was so darn cute that I just had to take a picture of him while being caught in the act. I know this (kind of) ruins the learning process for him…maybe…I don’t know, but I had to….


1. The first night after we got Echo. He tried to sneak out from his separated area, but got stuck half way and couldn’t go back…



2. Echo stole my shoe and then realized I saw him so he decided to kick his legs back and act like he has been just chilling the whole time, not even noticing the shoe in front of him.




3. The time when he stole a rug and was chewing on it and when we looked over he put his head down and pretended to be asleep…little stinker.



4. He was chewing on my hair and when I wanted to take a picture of him he put his head down and put an innocent look on his face…



5. Echo started chewing on Ben’s shoelace and got caught but the lace got stuck between his teeth so he couldn’t drop it…



6. He thought my bag tasted delicious but I walked around the corner and he looked at me, like: What?Take me to work with you! I am ready!



So this is Echo…

We love him very much! We got him when he was 4 months old and in the past 9 months he traveled with us to California, to Milwaukee, Illinois, Arizona, Nashville, Oklahoma, he was in Utah and Iowa as well. He loves car rides!


“Ohm…guys?! Are we there yet?”


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