How To Prevent And Help Pet Anxiety During New Year’s Eve

Prevent Pet Anxiety at New Year's Eve

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This is just a friendly reminder that New Year’s Eve is around the corner and it can be a very stressful time for your pets. Some pets can have anxiety and can get really anxious from the fireworks, from loud music, and from being around way more people than what they are used to. Growing up I had German Shepherds and I remember how nervous they got when the fireworks started. They were shaking and pretty much froze, without being able to move an inch. It was so heart breaking.

This is only Echo’s third New Year’s Eve. Luckily so far he has not shown any signs of New Year’s Eve anxiety but I am still being very cautious about it. It is very important that you make sure that your furry friends feel safe and relaxed during this time so here are some helpful tips that we have used in the past and have helped with our dogs.

10 Tips To Help Your Pets Stay Calm During New Year’s Eve

1. Thunder Shirt
2. Aroma therapy/rescue remedy – stress relief for pets such as Lavender Oil
3. Distract them with toys and games
4. Make sure they have access to a calm and safe spot/room with their favorite toys and familiar blankets and their crate (IMPORTANT: if your cat/dog is not comfortable with a crate, putting them in there can be more stressful for them)

5. Remember to comfort them
6. Exercises them throughout the day
7. Do NOT let your pet loose outdoors (an unexpected loud noise can scare them and can make them run away). When you walk them use a harness! That way you will have better control over them.

8. Make sure their pet IDs are up-to-date !!!!!!!!!
9. Talk to your vet, they can prescribe some medication for your pets and help you out with some extra tips. 
10. Do NOT coddle or scold your anxious pets!!!! Your pets draw from your energy so you help them more by staying calm to guide them through it.

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How To Prevent And Help Pet Anxiety During New Year’s Eve How To Prevent And Help Pet Anxiety During New Year’s Eve

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