A hike to Lockett Meadow, Flagstaff, AZ


When people think about Arizona, not everybody thinks about mountains and hiking. If you enjoy hiking and outdoor activities, you definitely have to visit Sedona and Flagstaff!

Sunday afternoon, our friend Jordan picked us up and took us for a hike. We have never hiked up to Lockett Meadow before but heard a lot about the area and how pretty it was.

The original idea was to drive up there and walk around in the meadow, but because of the winter, the roads were still closed down so we ended up with a 6 mile hike, which was great. The sun was very strong in the beginning but it felt so nice to finally collect some Vitamin D.

hike to Lockett Meadow

It wasn’t too steep of a hike, but it was definitely a good workout. On the way down we all felt our legs and were almost too tired to even talk. Jordan made a joke about leaving the car keys at the top which made my heart skip a beat before I realized it was just a joke.

I had to stop and take photos of the view so I had to run and catch up with Ben and Jordan pretty often but I had to make sure I capture the beautiful scenery.

hike to Lockett Meadow

We tried to let Echo off leash for a little bit, but it turned out that he loves running off the edge and sliding. He came back when we called him, but we didn’t want to risk him flying off of one of the rocks. Luckily he tried it at the very beginning and not where it was more dangerous. Hydration…

hike to Lockett Meadow

As we kept walking, we reached some areas that were burnt down in the fire last year. It was very sad to see all the bald trees being destroyed to the ground

hike to Lockett Meadow

When we reached the more forestry area and there were no more cliffs, Echo was let go to cruise around for a little bit. He was very good at staying by our side and coming back when we called him. We never let him off leash on his walks but here everything was so calm and quiet that we wanted him to be able to go on his own speed and sniff around a little bit. He enjoyed it very much and always made sure we are around.

hike to Lockett Meadow

There was a pretty cool lookout on the way up, but it turned out to be a sad view of all the burnt trees

hike to Lockett Meadow

As we got closer to the meadow, all the snowy mountains started popping up, which made the view even more amazing

hike to Lockett Meadow

We reached the meadow where we found a pond. It was so peaceful, the air was so clean, fresh and crispy.

hike to Lockett Meadow


Jordan representing…welcome to the meadowIMG_5175

We had to take ton of photos of course, Echo did really well too looking into the camera 🙂



My favorite photo of all! I just love that you can see the reflection of the snowy mountains in the pond and the colors are amazing too!


After taking some photos and spending some quiet moments looking at the view, we headed back to the car. We knew we had some serious walk ahead of us and we were getting very hungry.

Echo was leading our little group for a while! He looked back a couple times, not understanding why are we so slow


The view was beautiful on the way back too


It was such a fun hike; we spent some great quality time together. It was a good work out, while hanging out with friends and also making Echo tired. When we got home, we made a drink of kefir with blackberries and chia seeds and then crushed on the couch. Echo was out for the rest of the day! A tired dog is a happy dog! 😀



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