Antelope Canyon – A Breathtaking Experience


Antelope Canyon in Northern Arizona is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to!

The canyon has two separate parts, the lower (narrow at the bottom, wide on top) and the upper canyon (narrow at the top, wide at the bottom). We saw the lower canyon area, which is the longer trip but still didn’t take more than 1.5 hours. There was a mom carrying a tiny baby in flip-flops which might be a little too extreme but this is a great example that anyone can go through this canyon, even if you don’t think you are a big hiker!

Antelope Canyon
These are pictures from Ken’s Tours Website, we visited the Canyon with their help

We had to sign up to be part of a tourist group because they only let people down there with a guide. The canyon is safe, there are ladders going down but without a tour guide it could be dangerous, especially to someone who is less experienced in hiking.

You can choose from two types of guided tours, one is a general tour that cost $0-$20 and a guided photography tour that costs $42/person. You can check out Ken’s Tours’ website for more information.

Our group was 13 people big: Ben, I and eleven tourists from China…if you think I take a lot of pictures, then you should go on a 1.5 hour tour with 11 tourists from China to one of the most gorgeous areas ever…

This is what you see of the canyon from the ground:

Antelope Canyon
The canyon is that tiny crack! We were in there!

Fun facts about Antelope Canyon

  • The canyon was discovered in 1930 when a girl lost her sheep and wondered off to find it. Don’t know if she found her sheep… to be honest, I am a little upset that nobody talks about the well-being of that sheep. 
  • The canyon used to provide a safe hiding place to the navajo girls and women when their men were fighting for the land
  • The canyon was formed ONLY by water floods and wind
  • They experience about 20 flash floods in a year. In 1997 11 people were killed in the canyon by a flash flood, due to heavy rain.
  • The deepest point of the canyon is 132-ish feet, about 40 meters.

The canyon inside is breath taking

Antelope Canyon
On our way down to the canyon, I am very proud of this artsy shot.
Antelope Canyon
“Lady in the wind” formation
Antelope Canyon
“The Lion”  formation
Antelope Canyon
“The Bear” formation

Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon
Another favorite shot, I think it should be on the cover of National Geographic haha…I know..I am very humble
Antelope Canyon
The tour guide lady took this one for me, she knew the best picture spots by heart

Antelope Canyon

And this is me when the guide lady said:

Watch out when you are coming this way, there is a snake by the stairs…

Antelope Canyon

Solution: Gently sprinting the other direction!!!!!

It was such a wonderful experience (yes, including the snake)! I had a chance to cross off another bucket list item from my list and see something that I have been wanting to see for a long time.

 Which formation is your favorite?



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