A Day at Beautiful Arches National Park, Utah


Hi Everyone,

Arches National Park has been on my Bucket list for a while but on Saturday we finally got to see it! It was a completely random decision that we made on Friday. Our previously planned trip got cancelled and we felt adventurous. I really enjoy these random trips 🙂

***be ready for a LOT of pictures of beautiful buttes and arches and some unsuccessful pictures of me trying to jump up in front of them***

We have been doing the Whole 30 diet (I will write about that in a separate blog) so packing snacks was a little challenging. But we packed up our stuff Saturday morning and got on the road. It took us almost 6 hours to get to Arches but luckily the way there was just as interesting and beautiful as the end location.

Monument Valley

We stopped at Monument Valley (near Four Corners) which is a red sand desert region on the Arizona-Utah boarder. It can look familiar from lots of movies, but it mostly reminded me of Forrest Gump.

It was a very popular spot to stop at 🙂

Once we were done looking around and taking pictures, we got back on the road towards Arches. I was very excited to see it for the first time. Luckily, the park was not busy at all. We were expecting a much bigger crowd since it was Saturday but we lucked out. After we got our pass ($25/car), we headed to the visitor center to fill up our water bottles and read a little about the park itself.

Arches National Park

We hopped back in the car, took out our map and decided to go to Delicate Arch first. The hike was marked as difficult (it was not not difficult) and it was about 3.0 miles.

Along the hike the view was amazing. You can see the people walk on the right hand side of the picture (they look tiny). This uphill was the toughest part of the hike I thought.

The coolest part about Delicate Arch was that while we were hiking we couldn’t see it at all. But at the end of the hike all of a sudden we found ourselves in a big open area and the arch was just standing there majestically by itself. So dramatic and gorgeous.

Delicate Arch

3.0 miles – difficult trail

Look at the snowy mountains in the back too!

I was laughing at this picture for about 3 minutes straight. It looks like I tripped (possible) and was falling and Ben caught me mid-air. 😀 😀


Looking up at the arch

After Delicate Arch we were going to check out Landscape Arch (the one on the map above) but unfortunately the road was under construction so it was impossible to see. Instead of that, we checked out Sand Dune Arch and Broken Arch.

Sand Dune Arch

0.3 miles – easy trail

Broken Arch

1.3 miles – easy trail

As you can see as the day went on, my jumping skills got better! 🙂 Can you spot me on the picture? 😀

And this point of the trip we were pretty beat. It was very hot outside, I kept sneezing because of my allergies, and there were lots of little flies in the air that kept circulating around our sweaty faces 😀 Yikes.

But once we got back to the car and looked at the map, we decided that we will make one more stop before we head out. And we are so happy we did.

Double Arch

0.5 miles – easy trail

I didn’t have any more energy to jump…

Turns out, I have a very “funny” husband. He looked at me and said: oh my god, let’s take a picture of this arch and tell everyone we saw Arches and just show this picture:

I think what it comes down to is that he doesn’t give enough credit to the tiny arch.

We headed home around 7:30 pm but first stopped for dinner in Moab (the town right outside of Arches). Like I said we are doing the whole 30 diet so our food options are pretty limited but we went into a restaurant and ordered lots of veggies, potatoes and meat. The server brought out the plates and with a little judgement in his voice he said: Well, here is lots of food!… Don’t worry Mr. Waiter. It should be no problem!

This was our trip to beautiful Arches National Park in Utah. Hope you enjoyed reading about it!

Questions for you:

  1. Have you ever been to Arches?
  2. What is your favorite National Park?






  1. Great pictures, and yes I love arches, Utah has some amazing national parks! As for my favorite national park I think Yosemite is #1 in my book, but Arches and Zion are a close second 🙂

    • Hi Dan! Thank you! Oh yes, I can’t wait to see Yosemite one day! I have seen pictures of it and it looks like a dream land! I loved Zion too, I think Bryce Canyon is up there with Zion tho!:)

  2. Hát ez gyönyörű lehetett. Olyan az egész, mintha nem a Földön lenne, hanem valami vörös bolygón. Örök emlék lesz ez is.

  3. I have been to Arches twice but never saw the double arch so now I have to back. I’m so upset!❤️ Great pics!!


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