California Reunion


Hi Everyone, 

I had quite the quick trip recently. My friend had to go home a year and a half ago because her visa expired and all this time she was waiting for her paperwork to go through.  She finally received the news a couple weeks ago that she can come back to the country. She didn’t have the date set on when exactly but last week she told me she has her plane ticket. So I quickly went ahead and got myself a plane ticket too to come out to Los Angeles to see her and have a fun California Reunion.

Wednesday afternoon I headed to the airport. I got dropped off so I was there 3 hours before my plane left. I checked in, got a warm cup of coffee (it was storming outside), sat by a window and started working. 

I barely realized it was time to go through security. I packed up my stuff real quick and headed to the doors. Our airport got some new planes. They are very fancy. I remember the plane that I used to fly with 8 years ago haha It is a huge step up compared to that one 😀

I had 20 minutes to get to my next flight after landing. I new I wasn’t gonna miss it but had to speed walk a little bit. I was in a slight rush so of course no one else was. Or at least it seemed like. I was getting a little annoyed but I kept thinking that I will see my friend soon so all is good!

I got to the gate when they were already boarding and there were only like 10 people ahead of me. While I was standing in line, I took a quick photo of the beautiful sunset.The flight was so quick I couldn’t believe it. I was so busy reading, I barely noticed that the time flew by. (haha get it?) Bella Grace is by far my favorite magazine out there. It is about life and mindfulness and appreciating the small things in life. The articles are written by bloggers and different writers from all over the place. The magazine is advertisement free which I also love because sometimes magazines can get so jam packed with advertisements that the point gets lost.When I landed in Los Angeles I had butterflies in my stomach. It was kind of surreal to see each other at the airport. We couldn’t believe she finally made it back to the country after waiting for so long. We headed to her American “Parents'” house, her friends who helped her and gave her a home when she needed it a couple years ago. They let us stay at their place for these two nights while we got all paperwork done and ready for her to move across the country. We were very tired so we unpacked and went to bed. We tried to have a conversation but fell asleep very quick.

My parents and sister sent me a little care package from back home. It was the sweetest!!!! And got that book from my friend haha We loved the first movie and watched the dance scene so many times we could probably recreate it any time 😀

First Things First

Being away for 1.5 years she had some errands to run. And the responsible, serious adults we are, we decided to take care of those first. We had a list filled with plenty of “exciting” things, like getting car insurance, a driver’s license, bank account renewal, smog check for her car etc. 

We both woke up very early, she woke up at 4:20 am and I woke up around 6ish. We were in bed talking for about 2 hours and then headed out for breakfast.

We thought we would get all things on our list done by noon. How naive of us. But here is how the day went:

  • At 9 am we went to the bank.
  • They sent us home because she needed an extra ID.
  • Then back to the bank.
  • Then to the car place to get the smog check but
  • They sent us back home to get the insurance done.
  • An hour and a half later back to the car place but
  • They sent us home to put more miles in the car for the test to go through.
  • We headed to Santa Monica to get more miles in the car, get a phone number, see the beach and get some acai bowls that we loved there so much.
  • The car’s AC broke so we pulled down the windows 
  • The car’s window broke and couldn’t come up anymore
  • Got a phone number
  • Called a place to get the window fixed. The guy said: “We are not in the shop at the moment but if you go to this random address and you meet my coworker in the alley behind the liquor store he will be able to help you. Say what? Is it just us or this did sound a little catchy? 
  • So I called four other places but no one was available
  • So we went to the alley behind the liquor store
  • We didn’t get robbed in the alley behind the liquor store and the window got pulled up but not fixed. Now we had no AC and only one window left.
  • Went to get acai bowls to cool down and relax a little bit

  • went to the beach

  • Took pictures of this majestic bird while my friend was concerned that it will eat us alive

  • The bird walked off into the sunset without eating us alive

  • Then I took a gazillion pictures of the water 


  • I was trying to take an artsy picture of the sand and the water but this couple kept walking back and forth in front of me four times. Not even joking. Every time they walked out of the camera they turned back right away and walked across again. I think they were asking for a picture so I just took one.

  • We packed up our stuff around 7 pm and headed back home. We had a dinner date with my friend’s old roommate. 


  • We woke up at 5 am so we can drive up to the observatory and check out Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign. 
  • ‘Twas a bit smoggy…yiiiiikes…apparently we were supposed to see the ocean from here…The smog covered it out a little… so sad

  • A little guidance to help you find the Hollywood sign

– There it iiiis

  • The observatory

  • The Hungaaaaarians

  • We love you Pluto

About an hour later we went back to the car and headed to the car shop to get the AC fixed. They estimated the price to about $700 so we said “No, thank you!” kindly and left to get the smog check done. The car passed so we were free to go!

We went to say goodbye to the family that we stayed with, packed up the car and started driving to AZ around 4. Which was the worst ever. We got into Friday traffic, in the heat, without AC and only one window that we could let down. But we are not complete amateurs and we expected it so the ease our pain we grabbed some acai bowls before we got on the highway. It helped a little.

We made it home around 1:30 am and passed out.  

Even though, it was a short visit, it was worth every penny. I did not only see my friend and got to finally hug her and talk to her in person but we got to do so many fun things together. Well, it was two days packed with lots of business and a little fun but together it is easier to handle. 

Don’t forget to comment below 😉 Have you been to California before? What is your favorite city there?



  1. Nem tudom Edit mennyire várta ezt, de én nagyon, hogy ismét ott legyen veletek! Visszajött a régi feeling!

  2. Dear Sis!

    I will visit you soon… please make me some acai bowls… they look amazing 🙂

    What is your trip plan for our summer? 😉


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