Christmas Markets and Rooftop Baths


I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with family and friends! This year Ben and I are in Hungary, enjoying the festivities with my side of the family. The only hard part about this is that now we are missing his side of the family. But maybe one day we can have one big Christmas with everyone being together.

(Those letters tho haha)

But for now let’s go back to the Wednesday before Christmas:

Wednesday was an off day for us. We arrived to Hungary on Tuesday and usually we spend the day after with lazy activities. Tuesday night we were so wide awake that we couldn’t go to bed until 5 am-ish so we ended up sleeping in until 1 pm on Wednesday. Not good. I always try to pay attention to not giving in to jet-lag but sometimes I slip off. I even set an alarm for 9 am but we both ended up sleeping through it and my parents weren’t home to wake us up.

I felt so guilty for wasting half a day ..ugh.

But after eating breakfast/lunch we got dressed pretty fast and headed into Budapest.

We met up with my friend and after doing a little christmas shopping we went to a Christmas market. I love Christmas markets so much! The area is always so beautifully decorated and I love having a cup of hot wine while walking around.

We decided to walk  down to the Danube to check the Buda Castle. It is the prettiest at night… We literally do this same route every time we are home. My friend just said that we really have to mix the route up the next time because she is getting sick of it haha

As we were walking towards the St. Stephen Basilica we saw this beautifully decorated Christmas tree:

hahaha so cute. We believe that the story behind it is that there was one person who was responsible to decorate the tree in front of the Basilica (for pictures about that scroll down:) ) and this tree! But by the time (s)he got done with the other tree (s)he couldn’t take it anymore and lost all patience and just threw the lights up in the air and hoped for the best. And this is the best 😀

In my eyes Budapest is the most beautiful city ever and I love it during any time of the year but the christmas light add some extra magic to it. I could just walk around the city for hours, watching it sparkle.

Reaching the Basilica! So majestic.

So here is the above mentioned decorated tree:

There is an ice skating ring at the bottom of it too 🙂

They had a light show on the Basilica, sort of a short version of the Nutcracker:

After the light show we headed back to the car. Our next plan was to go and check the Rudas Thermal Bath and its rooftop hot tub so we can have some relaxing time while looking over the gorgeous view. It was the perfect plan at that point because we were freezing. I have been planning on doing this for years but this winter break, no matter what, it had to happen. I am not a huge fan of thermal baths usually but I really wanted to go and see the open rooftop area and it was absolutely worth it.

The bath is next to the Danube, below Gellert Hill. (This is not my picture but it is here to present the actual view)

We probably spent at least an hour just sitting in the water talking and staring and occasionally just silently zoning out. It was a little crowded at the beginning but we went there knowing that and with the goal of out lasting anybody in there so we can have it to ourselves 🙂

Another mission we had to accomplish was for me to not get sick in the sauna. So far it was Orsi vs. Sauna: 0-2. Both times I went into a sauna I got sick after like 3 minutes and had to run out to puke. Very awkward.
But this time we were prepared. Before we went in there, we made sure we located the nearest trash can, just in case and took some ice with me. We tried three different ones and I can proudly say that I lasted this time without having to sprint out. We felt very happy with the result, even tho we spent only about 5 minutes in each but that is a great start.

After the sauna we went back to the roof top. We stayed until closing time and now it sure got a whole lot less busy.






  1. Fantastic pictures. So jealous of the whole evening. I just love spas so that sounds like a perfect evening.

  2. Your holiday back home sounds wonderful, Orsi! The photos of Budapest are beautiful.

    I have been to hot springs and had a soak, a massage, and a wrap. SO wonderful! I don’t like saunas but like steam rooms. For relaxing, there is nothing like curling up with a good book.

    • Thank you Libby! Oh I love massages! And yes, this was the first time I tried a steam room and I enjoyed it a lot. And there was a “salt room” too haha, that was very peaceful too. We came out so relaxed. Definitely a very great time.

    • Thank you Sarah! 🙂 Budapest is so wonderful, I am happy it is on your list, you really should visit! 🙂 Oh the saunas haha Yes, thank you, I hope so too! 🙂

  3. That second Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous! The first definitely leaves something to be desired though, haha. I’ve actually never been to a spa or a sauna, as far as I can remember, although I’ve been to a few natural hot springs dotted around the place. As for what I do to relax? Umm, nothing haha. It’s impossible for me to relax, I’m too much of a busybody and always have to be doing something!

    • Hi Rhiannon, oh I absolutely understand what you mean haha It is hard to relax, sometimes I know my body and mind need it but then I feel so useless and unproductive when I actually relax haha But it really is important to recharge sometimes 🙂 I love your blog and pictures. I hope we can connect in the future. Natural hot springs are the BEST. I prefer them over spas or saunas. Well…i prefer many things over saunas 😀 😀

  4. I have never been to Budapest even though I grew up in Europe. It’s a shame because reading your blog makes me think that I should visit this city soon. The Basilica looks stunning just like out of a fairytale.

    • Hi Nadine! Oh yes, you definitely should visit! It is so gorgeous, absolutely worth the trip. Basilica is one of my favorites. And in the summer we sometimes climb up to the top to the 360 lookout spot and we can see the entire city from there.

  5. Your photos are absolutely incredible.
    I was in Budapest just after new year a few years ago, and there were still some decorations up from the holiday season. It looked great then, so I can just image how wonderful it would have been when everyone had that Christmas spirit.
    The idea of a rooftop bath is also just amazing. Well down in waiting people out so you could have it to yourself.

    • Thank you Alison 🙂 Yay, I am so happy you have been here before. Hope you enjoyed your stay. Yes, the lights just make it so much better! The city looks so magical and the Christmas spirit just puts everyone in such a nice mood too haha

  6. I love Budapest! I was there two years ago and I would love to go back. I was there in the summer so winter would be a different experience for sure! Great photos!

    • Oh nice! I am so happy you loved it. It is always so nice to hear when people enjoy your hometown 🙂 I hope you will be able to visit it once in the winter too. Somehow it is even prettier with all the Christmas lights on! Happy New Year!

  7. I loved the Budapest Crimbo markets too! So pretty and the gluhwine was too good. I was there in November 2015, would like to go back and experience them closer to Christmas.

    • Ah, the gluhwine is the best. Best cold winter nights drink ever. I am glad you had a great time! Hope you will be able to make it back one day! It is an awesome city during the summer too, you should try that next time 🙂

  8. The Basilica with the Christmas tree and lights is stunning! Budapest seems to be a nice place.
    We rarely get any rest these days with all the work to do plus tons of household chores. But what we really want is a soothing dip in a hot spring for all those tired and aching muscles. 🙂

  9. There have been so many Christmas market articles lately that it made me wish we had a few in the region I live. This one in Budapest looks amazing, great christmas decorations and trees and really engaged in the Christmas spirit.

  10. Really great post, so glad you highlighted a Christmas Market outside of Germany. The lights were gorgeous .. .and i think those rooftop baths are now calling my name! 🙂

  11. I have great things about Budapest. Never been and would love to go one day. Sounds like you had a blast and christmas time seems worth it to go.


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