Clear Creek Paddle Boarding, Arizona


Hi Everyone,

Last week we went paddle boarding in Clear Creek, Arizona. It was a wonderful experience! I still can’t believe that I lived in Arizona for so long and never knew about these amazing spots where we could swim, kayak, and paddle board occasionally. But I am happy that this summer we are really going around exploring what Arizona is really about.

Tuesday morning our friends picked us up and we got on the road towards Clear Creek. We packed some snacks and two inflatable paddle boards. We were really excited about trying those out. When we got there the weather was a little cloudy but it was hot out, perfect creek weather. Later on it rained and the wind picked up as well but we stayed the whole time.

We inflated the boards and the guys headed to the water right away.

I guess because it was a Tuesday (and a little rainy), but we saw a total of 4 other people.

It was quiet and very relaxing the whole time. It was nice to connect with nature a little bit.

Echo had some serious FOMO going on. He just wanted to be in the water with us.

Once the guys got back it started raining but we were just way too excited to care.

At some points the wind was so strong that we didn’t even have to paddle. It was more of a surfing experience. I was just floating down the creek, taking pictures. However, I did not enjoy going back, facing the wind as much 😀

Echo did not appreciate the wind so we wrapped him up in a sweatshirt. He was sitting all wrapped up for about 5 minutes, not leaving his little spot.

Once the rain stopped we all went back for one more round of paddling but this time Echo joined us as well. He really enjoyed being near the water, while I was paddling, he was just looking around and was drinking from the creek.

Questions for you:

  1. Have you ever been paddle boarding?
  2. What is your favorite water sport?



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