Everyone has that one travel story – Part 2


*** This is the second part to the previous blog called Everyone has that one travel story – Part 1***

“Ben got his passport by 2 pm and we called a cab and went to the airport. We had time to change into clean and nice clothes (luckily we did that but more about this later) and got in line to check in…”


The check in part went surprisingly smooth. Except for one thing that the lady at the desk couldn’t find our tickets (almost made us worry for a second) because she thought we were flying to Kenya. I am sure Kenya is beautiful but it was a little out of the way for us. After checking in, we went straight to the gate and sat down. We were pretty exhausted so we put our legs up and stared at the airport TV for a long time. When it was time to check in we got on the flight pretty early and took our seats. 

Since we had nothing else to do, we kind of just watched how the flight attendants deal with people. I have to give it to them. It was pretty impressive. So many people argued with where they sit and what they want and who they sit next to. I have asked for a seat change before but I always go up to the counter before I get on the flight to see if they can do anything. And if not, then I say, thank you and just suck it up.

Here everyone was just yelling at the poor flight attendants. Like it is their fault or if they could arrange the whole seating chart right there when everyone is boarding and unpacking. I have so much respect for them for not losing their patience. People really should figure out how to talk to each other with more respect. It was almost annoying to see what some people say out of anger or disappointment just to prove their point…

We were ready to take off when we got stopped because of a tornado warning. At this point we were traveling for almost 35 hours, have been through a lot but I have not seen Ben panic as much as he panicked when they announced the tornado warning. Poor guys hates tornados but at this point of our trip I think I wasn’t even surprised by it. It seemed normal that it came up.


We waited for about 55 minutes before take off and by that time they said there are 54 flights ahead of us in line.  Ben and I had 7 hours to wait for our flight connection in Brussels; so we did not worry too much about being late but some people were kind of mad that they were going to miss their flight connections. What can you do? We actually got to leave second (no idea how that worked, maybe the same lady who ran the line in the passport office (see Part 1) was the new air traffic controller here ) and once we were above the clouds the view was beautiful.


We got our books out and then can’t remember what happened but I think I fell asleep. I woke up when they were bringing us some dinner. I put Jurassic World on because Chris Pratt and got ready for some deliciousness… We always try our best to eat healthier but sitting on an airplane for a long time or being stuck at airports doesn’t really help our diet usually. But who cares, we always enjoy trying out something different. We had pasta salad, chicken with veggies and cheesecake…yuummm


Our flight went really well and we got to talk to the flight attendant a lot. He told us our next flight was going to be on a very old plane that is is being retired in 2017.  Great news HA! We were very excited to see and very hopeful that it can still fly.

When we arrived we had to change transits but the Brussels airport was quite tiny so it took us no time.


There were couches and bakeries so we enjoyed our time actually very much so. Then we boarded our flights, took some photos of our old school plane and passed out…not just fell asleep…I barely remember taking these photos…nothing…the whole flight is like…never even happened…

old shcool flight

We had three chairs to ourselves and the seats were soooo comfortable. They were wide and very soft. When I woke up I looked to the chair next to me and I found some snacks that we were supposed to eat I guess but slept through the serving time. I thought that was very nice of the flight attendant lady that she left it there for us.


When we arrived to Sweden we walked to the baggage claim – half asleep – and sat down…and waited…and waited…and waited…the baggage claim said that the luggages were about to come but we were just sitting there and nothing happened. Our friend Victor, whose wedding we came to, was picking us up and came in to the baggage claim area to check on us. He went to ask what was happening and they told him that there was a strike in Brussels and our luggages did not arrive with us…noooooooooooo

Here we were after traveling for 2 days (lucky we changed in Washington once) and we had no clothes. We came to a wedding and we had our nice outfits in the luggages, our nice shoes…everything. Well….at this point we did not even blink an eye. Took the paper that had the information on it about registering for our bags and walked out of the airport beaten, tired, and defeated 

I just loved how neither of us lost it during the trip at all…not when we got kicked off the flight, not when we had to stand in line at the passport office and everything got out of control, not when we had to roll our 43 lbs luggages through Washington downtown in the heat, not when we were delayed because of the tornado, not when our luggages did not arrive …not at all. We made a fun adventure out of our extremely unlucky situation and counted all the good things that overweigh the bad ones.

Hiccups vs. Good Things

  • Got kicked off the flight BUT we got to see an old friend
  • After Phoenix we had our flight connection in Washington which is one of the 28 cities in the US that has a passport office (Without that we would have been absolutely screwed)
  • Had to start in the passport office at 6 am BUT had time to see Washington DC before our flight because it was at night
  • Travelled for a long time BUT we eventually arrived safe and sound which is a big selling point
  • Lost our luggages during a wedding weekend and we still didn’t have them when we went to Italy BUT we got to borrow a bunch of cool stuff from others 😀
  • Not having our luggages for 8 days taught us that material stuff doesn’t matter and we should travel with less in the future
  • We learned that even in annoying situations if we are there for each other, help and support each other it is much more doable and easier to deal with everything.

I am so glad that we were still able to look at the good and not argue or be mad during the entire time. We learned a lot, not only about passport expiration dates but also about ourselves and how little material things matter.


In the next blog you can read about the beautiful Swedish wedding we went to!

Hope everyone is doing well!




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