Fossil Creek Hike, A Magical Getaway Spot in Arizona


Hi Everyone,

Happy Weekend! When most people think about Arizona, they think about cactus, desert and incredible heat. Even though, those are all true, Arizona also has beautiful water falls, lots of trees, and mountains. One of Arizona’s magical spots is Fossil Creek and I feel incredibly blessed that we got a chance to go and visit the other day.

the view is incredible while driving on the dirt road

Fossil Creek is located north east of Phoenix, almost half way between Phoenix and Flagstaff. Even though, it is pretty simple to get there, there are a couple things you gotta get done before your trip starts:

  1. Make sure your car can handle a 14 mile dirt road ride! Coming off the I-17 highway you will have to drive on the dirt road for a while before you arrive to the permit parking area. Those 14 miles seem like the longest 14 miles ever. Only because you can’t really go more than 15-20 m/hr.
  2. Go and get a permit (here at the Recreation website) and make sure to PRINT it out. When approaching the parking area there is a booth where they check if you got your permit or not. Permits are pretty inexpensive, only $10/car! You can make reservations a month ahead. During summer months, it gets a little busy so you might have to think ahead and get your permit in a couple weeks advance. Plus, you wanna get a close enough parking so you don’t have to walk 8 miles before you even get to the trail.

We got pretty lucky, or I guess our May timing worked out pretty well, and got a parking spot very close to the trail. There are bathrooms by each parking lot and they are very clean and nice.

Once we got on the trail, it felt like we stepped into a different world. At some points of the trail it was like being in a jungle. Couldn’t believe that we were kind of surrounded by desert.

Once we got closer to the creek, it felt like a dream. The water was crystal clear, the grass and the tress were bright green and the sky was light blue.

This little spot is pretty close to the water fall. There was a group of kids jumping off the cliff when we got there so we decided to come back here for a little while and eat some snacks. We had pretty good shade, many rocks and a big tree to sit on by the water.

Once we saw the group leave, we packed up our stuff and headed to the water fall area. It was hard not to take any pictures along the way <3

When we got there, there were barely any people but then within 20 minutes the area filled up pretty much. There were a couple people cliff jumping and many more swimming in the creek. The water was a little too cold for us, so we just rolled up our pants and put our feet in it and watched others cliff jump.


Look at this water! It was so hard not to go in, but again..I thought it was freezing. I was wearing a long sleeve and pants at this point.

Echo had a hard time going in the water…

How romantic is that little spot under the waterfall?

Well, this was our quick visit to Fossil Creek, AZ. I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

Where is your favorite little getaway spot? Would you try cliff jumping?




  1. Én is szeretném látni. Arizona sok helye csodálatos, nem mind olyan, amit mutatnak általában a fotók. Szóval az ilyen helyeket látni kell, mert az élmény egy élten keresztül elkísér. Szerencsés vagy!


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