Couple weeks ago our family from Sweden visited us and of course, living in Arizona, we took them to the Grand Canyon.

We packed up some snacks, hopped in the car and hit the road.

I have been to the Grand Canyon a couple gazillion times before but I think this was by far the best timing of the year to go. It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold, we could wear a light jacket…


So even though it was not April 25th, it was perfect timing. There were so many clouds in the sky and the reflection of them in the canyon was gorgeous.




Literally, the only proof that they were here and I am not making this up are these two pictures that I creepingly…creepily…creeply  (c’moooon at least one of these have to be a word) took about them from the back:



But at least we got a good family photo out of it and had a great time…


OH WAIT….maybe Echo did not have a good time….?!



img_9669 img_9671

These were the only photos we took and to be honest it was not until they left that I was like: Wait….why didn’t we take at least one group picture by the Grand Canyon or any other times? They were with us for almost 3 days and I think we took one photo at breakfast… but to be honest we had such a nice time talking, hanging out, showing them the city that we didn’t even think about it.

I miss them already and can’t wait for us to meet again.

Until the next time!



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