Never forget to look up


About a month ago I saw a post on dksmithphotography (check out his blog, I love his photos) in which the title said: “…keep looking up…”. It made me think and realize something important. I always look down when I walk. Why is that? I look at my shoes, I look at my phone, on better days I look around at eye-level but never really look up.

So I decided that in the next couple weeks I will walk around with my head up, my mind open and here and there I will stop for a second to look up to the sky and appreciate the beautiful scenery. I decided to take pictures of these magical moments so I can share them with you all 🙂

I encourage everyone to stop for a moment every once in a while and look up to the sky (if you are not already)!!!! You will be surprised what a wonderful feeling it will give you!

And now it is time for me to share what I saw up there ….

sky collage

One big thing I have to work on is to stop looking at my phone all the time. I do make the mistake of scrolling down Facebook while walking around, while eating or sitting in a coffee shop etc…I need to work on paying more attention to others around me, to look up from my phone and give a chance to others to approach me or just simply, I need to give a chance to myself to see the beautiful things that I might be missing out on.


I worked as a waitress for a little while and sometimes we had families coming into the restaurant…during the average 35-40 minutes they spent in the restaurant, they talked to each other for maximum 10 minutes (to be very generous). Isn’t it a little sad? Growing up dinner and lunch time was one of my favorites because this was the time when we all talked about our days and shared our stories. We all had a great time laughing and making new memories…I see families now where they don’t even look up from their technological devices during the entire course and leave without actually connecting with one another. Kids immediately pull out their iPads, sometimes even plug in their headphones (????!) and do not say a word. I do wish this was different because I know they are missing out on something great.

But unfortunately I have been making similar mistakes lately and I need to start working on them. I will start walking around without my phone in my hand, I will sip on my coffee in the morning technology-free to give myself some time to think and wake up, and I will take some quiet-time throughout the day which will let me focus and rest a little bit.

sky collage2

Is anyone else making similar mistakes?

Never forget to look up! Go out there and enjoy the view! 😀



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