Pacific Coast Highway Drive


The second day of our Pacific Coast Highway drive exceeded our expectations. I apologize in advance because I took a gazillion amount of pictures and this post is going to be more about the photos than the writing. (These are the kind of posts my friend likes to read haha, and my husband informs me that gazillion is not a real number)

To be honest, all that happened that day was the we started driving around 9 am and stopped driving around 8 pm. There are so many wonderful stops along the Pacific Coast. We drove down on Highway 1 (from Monterey to Los Angeles) and literally stopped almost everywhere we could.


There were so many hiking trails so whenever we got a chance we hiked down to the beach but other times just parked the car and silently stared at the ocean for minutes.

You can read the first part of the trip here.

So after checking out the Monterey Bay area we went back to the parking lot and got on the road.
P.S.: Parking lot view…


 Highway 1


Not long after getting on the highway we found a beach to stop at. We wanted to get out and run around a little bit with Echo in the sand so he can see the ocean. Dogs had to be on leash but he still made it work to run around in circles like a maniac 


“I show affection for my pets by holding them against me and whispering ‘I love you’ repeatedly while they struggle to break free”


After Echo was wet head to toe, we cleaned him as much as we could and put him in his crate so he can dry up. We hopped back in the car and our next stop was at Point Lobos. We had no idea it was coming up, we just shaw a lot of cars lining up to go “somewhere” so we thought it was worth stopping. We parked the car outside of the park area and walked in. Saw local people coming in and out, taking their morning jog on the beach and it seriously made me want to start running too. Waking up there every morning and having that area as your go to workout spot…ahhh. But I will let the pictures talk.










After this stop we took many many mini stops along the coast but our next big destination was Big Sur. We believe it was the Big Sur area where we found a trail going down to the beach. Dogs were not allowed so Echo skipped this trip.

Going down to the bottom…


Reaching the bottom of the trail, we found this beautiful bridge that led us into a tunnel that was the entrance to the beach walk.


Coming out of the tunnel this is what was waiting for us. Out of nowhere just the most beautiful scenery ever.


At the end of the trail there were so many people just chilling and staring into the nothing or fishing. I absolutely love it. So peaceful.


We saw a lot of people hiking up onto the top of the rocks so they can have a better view, so we did the same. The bay area was beautiful too but just seeing the space open up so much got us speechless.


I focused on my feet more than ever before… don’t slip…don’t trip!


After about 20 minutes we headed back to the car to check out the next stop which was the iconic water fall bay area at Big Sur.



The only problem with this photo is that Echo’s head covers out the water fall…


But here is a photo from the Internet…so this is what I was supped to take a picture close!



We got back in the car and started driving towards Los Angeles. We were pretty tired and hungry around 4 o’clock so we stopped at a resort and spa area that just popped out of nowhere in the middle of nowhere.


All of a sudden there were shops and stores and restaurants and lots of people. The area also had a trail down to the beach but at this point we were both like: nah…let’s just check it out from up here.



We ate a grilled cheese sandwich while Echo was making friends and then got back on the road. In an hour the sun started going down so we haven’t really had any major stops before L.A. but saw a couple gorgeous spots from the car.




We arrived to L.A. area around 8:30pm. We didn’t have a hotel yet, as we didn’t plan out anything for the trip…just kind of got on the road and went with the flow. We had to find a dog friendly hotel, so we went with LaQuinta. They are reasonably priced and we didn’t even get charged an extra fee for Echo. Usually there is an additional $30-$50 with other hotels.

We went out to eat dinner with a friend and then went back to the hotel. We passed out in 10 minutes and slept for about 9 hours without even moving.


  1. What was your favorite part about this year’s Thankgiving?
  2. Have you ever done the Pacific Coast Highway Drive?
  3. Where was your favorite stop along the way?







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