Szentendre, Hungary


I love being in Hungary, it is always very hard to leave, but winter break has came to an end and we had to pack our luggage and hop on our flight to came back to the States…which is now also home. It is a very confusing feeling…leaving home to go home…maybe one day I will understand it more. 🙂

As I was going through some pictures on my phone on the plane, I realized there is so much I still would like to share. One of these things is a day when I became a tourist in my own city, Szentendre. Without too much commentary I would love to share some photos with you so you can see how gorgeous that little town is.

This day was December 27th. We had family coming over on the 26th to celebrate Christmas so the 27th was kind of a lazy day. My mom and I woke up early to make coffee for everyone…well…drinks for everyone. Somebody drinks espresso, somebody drinks latte, somebody doesn’t like coffee, somebody wants a little milk, lots of honey, others can’t stand honey haha long story short, it was lots of work but I loved every second of it.

Having to make so many drinks means lots of people I love are around, and we are going to have a slow morning with lots of talks in bed while sipping on some coffee…except that this time there were too many of us and there were too many Christmas cookie leftovers so we had to ‘morning talk it up’ in the living room 😀

A couple weeks ago I shared how my favorite part about waking up on the weekends was having a warm cup of coffee in bed with my parents and sister. We always had great talks and this is a memory I will always cherish.

During Christmas time I feel full starting the night of the 24th until like the 29th. It is just constant eating and snacking. And then on the 30th I feel great! I feel so thin and light and oh my god I got my life back and baaaaam comes the 31st and all the New Year’s food: the sausages, the potatoes and the hot dog, not to mention the lentils that you gotta eat if you wanna have lots of money in the new year (plus you wanna eat them because they are delicious) and it just never ends but oh my, oh my how much I love it.

The warm up meal on New Year’s Eve 😉

But let’s get back to the 27th! After having our morning coffee we all felt like we needed to go downtown and have a nice little walk, since the weather was so great and we were in desperate need of some fresh air.

So we hopped into our cars and drove to downtown Szentendre. Szentendre is a cute little town (Population is 26,000-ish), about 15 minutes away from the north side of Budapest by car. Many generations of Hungarian artists have lived here throughout the years and its downtown is packed with museums, art galleries and lots of churches.

We parked our cars outside of downtown so on our way there we could check out the newly built Chinese garden. It did not disappoint. I mean I can see how it is not living it up to its full potential at the moment but it was still very calming and nice.

I love cobblestones!!! – said no one ever who was wearing high heels!… but luckily I didn’t make that mistake! I think they are so pretty.

Szentendre is alongside of the Danube. Spring flooding causes some serious headaches to the town.

In 2013 they built a mobile dam along the river bank that protected the city in 2014 (if I remember correctly) from a pretty bad flooding. Talk about good timing.

This one is not my photo, I found it online, but this is how the flood looked like. Without the dam, those houses would have been under water.

Back to my photos! The Danube in its way less threatening form

Uh hellloooo colorful cobblestones

This building has been under water…

Might have been the nice weather or everyone else felt the same as we did and NEEDED to walk off all the food from Christmas but downtown was pretty busy compared to what I was expecting from a winter morning.

And some Hungarian Delicacy, the Szamos Marzipan. We just acknowledged it and moved on, no way we could have eaten any at that point.

I enjoyed walking around town so much. I felt like a tourist in my own city, I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I loved the weather, the lights, the colors, the vibes and everything about it.

It was a beautiful day, and I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!

Questions for you:

  1. Do you feel similar after and between the holidays?

  2. What is your favorite Christmas/New Year’s meal?

  3. Do you like marzipan?


  1. Delightful blog, Orsi! You lived in a beautiful town. I bake a lot of cookies and make chocolate truffles for the holidays so yes, a lot of eating. Marzipan? I adore marzipan! One year I made marzipan “fruits”. Another, I incorporated it in some truffles.

    • Thank you Libby! You know how to make marzipaaaan? That is awesome! I am happy to hear you like them too, I have not met many people before who said they did. However, I have to admit I like the ones with chocolate the most 🙂


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