We made it! Hello from Hungary – DAY 1!


Hello from Budapest!

We made it to Hungary, YAY! The trip went really well, it was smooth and ….well..not fast, it took us almost 25 hours all together but we can’t complain. Except for one thing:


Step 1: After measuring packed luggage leave it in bathroom for the night

Step 2: Sleep only for 4 hours

Step 3: After waking up walk to bathroom in the dark with barely open eyes.

Step 4: kick luggage wheel with pinky toe and let body weight and gravity take care of the rest.

Step 5: Land on your fingers and smack your head on the wall, then hold broken pinky toe

Step 6: Laugh cry on ground, until someone rescues you

So to explain it a little more: We had to wake up at 6:30 am which is not too bad, except that we went to bed around 2:30 am. We left our two gigantic luggage in the bathroom door the night before, so when I woke up early, barely knowing my world at 6:30 in the morning I completely forgot they were there and all of a sudden my legs got caught in the luggage and I flipped over them like in an action movie (this is how I imagine it), I was my own stunt  and landed on the floor on the other side. I was laughing so hard on my own stupidity that I couldn’t get up from the floor for like 2 minutes.

Right now it is 1:31 AM at night and I feel so wide awake. Wohooo jetlag. My mom poured me a glass of wine and I am ready to write our first recap post about the beginning of our trip. Are you ready?

We left Monday morning. We got to the airport a little early and had 2 hours to spare. We walked around, hung out a little and got some coffee. I picked up my coffee and tried to take a sip of it and splaaaaash…coffee all over me..and I was also wearing a white sweatshirt of course 🙂 I tried to clean it in the bathroom, think I did a pretty decent job 😀

Flight 1: Our first flight seemed pretty short. I was falling in and out of sleep the entire time. I couldn’t wait to get off the plane though so I can walk around a little bit. When we landed in Chicago we decided to walk around the airport to stretch our legs but eventually ended up sitting down to eat something. We found a cafe and got some sandwiches. I am not really happy with what I usually eat on these longer trips, I feel like I could do a better job preparing or picking healthier choices but this sandwich was pretty good though.

(I take pride in my great quality pictures)

The Christmas decoration at the cafe was very intense, I think this was partially what pulled us in there. It just looked like a very lovely place from the outside.

Flight 2: Our flight from Chicago to Munich was about 8 hours. I felt so tired the entire time but I couldn’t fall asleep. Weirdest feeling ever. Ben and I ended up watching three movies: Bad Moms (meH), Snowden (Awesome), The Boss (okay), and we started Step Brothers (Seemed cool) but then we landed like 15 minutes into the movie. Maybe next time. Have you ever seen these movies before?

When we arrived in Munich we had 4 hours to spare. We found some very cozy chairs in a nice and quiet area and sat down to rest.

I ran into two friends at the airport, they were both on the same flight as we were, what a coincidence!!!

Flight 3: The third flight was just about an hour long. I really don’t remember what happened on it, I was zoning out and probably fell asleep a couple times. I was so excited to see my parents soon!

Hugging my parents was such a great feeling. This is my favorite part about getting home. Have you seen Love Actually? In the beginning they filmed people at Heathrow welcoming their families back. Those were hidden cameras and nobody knew they were being filmed but the  pure joy in their eyes and they tight, couple second long lasting hugs are just so beautiful!

HOME: When we got home we did the traditional ‘eat delicious Hungarian food until we burst’ routine. My mom cooked some deliciousness for us and we couldn’t resist. Pea soup, chicken paprikas and some dessert. Welcome home us!

We went to bed around 8 pm and slept until 7 the next morning. Woke up so well rested and ready for the day!


Gorgeous morning view:

My mom and I went to run some errands to the city but before that we HAD to sit down, drink some coffee together while having a nice breakfast: coffee, chocolate snail (kakaoscsiga – my FAVORITE) and some cheese sticks.

While running errands I got to see beautiful Budapest in the day light and it warmed my little heart.

After we got done, I went to see my friend because we had a million and one things to catch up on…

But first, we headed out to get some pizza!

It was so great to just sit next to each other and talk again, like in the good old times. I had a great time seeing one of my best friends again and everything just felt…. normal.

On the way home we had to stop by the grocery store but my mom found a scratchy lottery ticket in her purse so we had to figure out how many millions of gazillions of ‘monies’ we won…

We won NONE. nothing.

Well we won another ticket that ended up winning nothing at the end.

In the afternoon Ben and I were invited to my sister’s place to a board game night. Look at my sister’s beautiful christmas tree. It is not traditional by any means but my parents made it and I  just love it so much. It looks so amazing on her white wall, with the white ornaments and bows and lights…<3

We love board game nights and it was oh so much fun! We had so many laughs and delicious snacks made by our super talented friend. Here is a photo she sent us before the night…she made theseeeee. They were such a perfect and delicious snack!

Driving at night in Budapest is one of my absolute favorite things to do! The city is so calm and the lights just make it look like the most magical and beautiful place on earth. I fell in love with this city every time I come home.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday – Wednesday!


1. What have you been up to lately?
2. Are you done with all your Christmas Shopping?
3. What is a special meal you will make this Christmas?


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