Why do you need to travel more


You probably read the title and thought: what do you mean “why do you need to travel more”?!

I know, I know. I wouldn’t have to convince anyone to pack up their luggage and get on the road but we all have responsibilities that sometimes “hold us back” from wandering around the world carelessly. It is called an adult life, and I, myself, am a victim of it.

Before I get all kinds of hell for this… this blog is not about telling everyone to flip off their boss, sell their houses, give their kids to grandma and take off for a year or two. Only a small percentage of fortunate people are able to do this (Not drop off their kids but the rest) and even though it sounds wonderful, this is not an option for most of us. But traveling more is.

Why do you need to travel more

The reason I decided to write about this is because I noticed that many people think about travel as one big trip a year. When the whole family goes all in, everyone plans and waits for it and then comes back and starts dreaming about the next big trip while constantly posting passive- aggressive memes on Facebook about Mondays.

I recently became a blogger for Pangea Explorers where a group of people are promoting the health benefits of being outside and embracing nature. I believe that traveling and going outside is one of the best therapies anyone can ever get and people should enjoy it more than once or maybe twice a year.

Why do you need to travel more2

Most people are over-worked, tired, impatient, worried about money and car payment. We all have something that gives us a minor anxiety looking into the future.

Travel can help your well-being both mentally and physically. But you don’t have to plan something huge. You can leave for a day and visit a neighboring city with your family. You can grab your kids’ hands and leave for the afternoon to visit museums or just go to a lake to enjoy being outside. Why not get out more and experience more? Leave the usual environment behind and see what happens.

5 Reasons to Get Out More


1. Meet new people

It is always fun to run into new people and hear their stories. You don’t need to make lifelong friendships but step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to talk to others. Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you.

2. Travel is educational

When you leave your usual environment the world opens up even though it might sound scary first. Walk around with your eyes open and don’t be afraid to let in the unusual. Embrace new things, try new cuisine, check out the details on an old building.

3. Collect great stories and moments to remember forever

After going home the experiences and memories will stay with you forever. Whether they are fun or challenging those memories will be part of your life that you can talk about or laugh at years to come. Collect memories and not things.

4. Get a break from the exhausting everydays

Life can get overwhelming and staying in the same environment can drive you up the wall in the long run. Break out from the stressful everydays, even if it is only for a couple hours. You deserve to take breaks more often than just once a year. Clear your head, clear your thoughts and get a chance to have a fresh start the next day.

5. Reconnecting with nature will help you relax & feel more rested

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to walk outside, take a deep breath and put your phone away for a couple hours. Listen to the wind, to the break of the waves, enjoy the sun hitting your skin. Do anything that has nothing to do with Facebook, emails, Instagram, likes, and comments. Just you and nature. If it is for 10 minutes a day then it is for 10 minutes but make the best out of it. We all need that time for our selves.

“Right. Try to travel with 5 kids and feel well-rested at the end of the day”…you might say. But just the fact that you will be doing something else than your everyday routine will make a big difference; it will help you take a step back which we all need once in a while to start with more energy and motivation the next day.

Why do you need to travel more3


  1. We decided we couldn’t afford a big trip overseas ( the rand is pretty weak against dollar or pound etc) instead we opted for local trips around SA and it’s been incredible! We have such a vibrant country and its great to plan lots of little mini getaways.

    • Hii Meg! 🙂 So nice to hear from you! I love mini getaways. Quick trips to near by areas. It helps you discover your own surroundings and teaches you to appreciate them. I think people underestimate the power of those mini trips. However, I am going to visit SA one day, during my not-too-mini getaway 😀

  2. Jó kikapcsolódni, jó utazni, jó világot látni. Jó megismerni új embereket, más kultúrákat, jó megkóstolni más nemzetek ételeit. Jó ránézni a hűtőszekrényre és jó visszaemlékezni egy-egy hűtőmágnes történetére. Élmények, élmények, élmények, emlékek, emlékek, emlékek. Utazni jó, látni jó! Egyszer, kétszer, háromszor, sokszor…….


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